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2016.11.04 16:14

ADXVMA — a special kind of moving average. It is using a sort of ADX values for determining the weights of average calculation which makes it unique in the world of averages.

It tends to have extended periods of "flat" phases which makes it one of the few averages that can detect flat phases in the market, but it also can easily be used as a sort of support/resitance indicator too.

It is using the usual extended set of 20 price types.

Double Stoch RSI Floating Double Stoch RSI Floating

Double stochastic of RSI uses floating levels instead of fixed levels for OB/OS conditions.

Double Stochastic RSI Double Stochastic RSI

Double stochastic of RSI.

ALMA 2.0 ALMA 2.0

The newest version of ALMA.

Elder Auto Envelopes Elder Auto Envelopes

The upgraded indicator: now it has new price types and different display type.