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2017.01.19 16:59

The Expert Advisor increases the volume of an open position if profit in points from the last trade increases a threshold fixed in the EA inputs.

The data on addings are stored in a string comment to a position in the following format: number of addings/last trade price/last trade volume.

Trades are made when a new bar appears.

//| Input parameters of the EA indicator         |
input double MM=0.1; //Share of a deposit in an added deal
input MarginMode MMMode=LOT; //lot value detection method
input uint OldProfit=300; //profit of a previous trade in points for adding
input uint PosTotal=10; //number of added trades
input uint StopLoss_=1000; //stop loss in points
input uint TakeProfit_=2000; //take profit in points
input int Deviation_=10; //max price deviation in points

Fig. 1. Examples of trades on the chart

Fig. 1. Examples of trades on the chart

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