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2016.11.03 14:33

Normalized Velocity - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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This is a normalized velocity. By default it is using a gradient coloring.

To turn the gradient coloring off, set the color steps to to less than 2. To set it show the colors on slope change, set the color steps to 2 and all the above is going to be drawn in different shades of gradient calculated colors.

RSI of MACD double RSI of MACD double

The MetaTrader 5 version of RSI of MACD double

TTM Waves, v. 2.0 TTM Waves, v. 2.0

One more version that draws the parts when the slope is in accordance with trend.

Normalized MACD Normalized MACD

This version is an attempt to normalize MACD in known bounds

Elder Auto Envelopes Elder Auto Envelopes

The auto envelope automatically sizes channels by calculating a standard deviation for the last n bars.