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Stochastic of Adaptive Super Smoother - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2016.11.02 16:02
2016.11.03 09:45

One more in the series of experiments with a variable length super smoother. In this case adaptive super smoother is used for price pre filtering before it is used to calculate a stochastic. At a first glance it looks usable and tradeable (clean enough to help in trend finding). Some experimenting with parameters for specific symbols and time frames is advised. Since it is so smooth, decided to put default overbought and oversold levels rather high and low — adjust it to your prefences and trading style.

Super Smoother Super Smoother

Variable length super smoother with an addition of gradient coloring.

T3 Std Adaptive T3 Std Adaptive

The T3 using standard deviations to make it adaptive

Hull Moving Average Hull Moving Average

Hull moving average with arbitrary weights of calculation.

Stochastic of Super Smoother, v.2 Stochastic of Super Smoother, v.2

The second version of indicator with added features.