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2016.10.31 15:18
2017.01.16 09:15
swing_line.mq5 (3.33 KB)view

Ron Black's swing line indicator for MetaTrader 5 version.

This indicator does not have any parameters so I think that there is no need to explain how it should be used (except that I would like to add my personal opinion that it should not be used on lower time frames: using it on time frame starting from 1 hour, in my opinion gives better results).

Jurik Velocity Jurik Velocity

Jurik velocity ("smoother moment") with added choice of prices.

Averages MTF Averages MTF

Averages indicator, which contains 18 types of averages available.

T3 Velocity T3 Velocity

The T3 version of Velocity

RSI Floating Levels RSI Floating Levels

Added the filled array for overbought and oversold zones.