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2016.04.14 09:40

RVI - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Real author:

Witold Wozniak

The Relative Vigor Index oscillator developed based on the article "Using The Fisher Transform" by John Ehlers that was published in November 2002 in the Technical Analysis Of Stock & Commodities magazine.

Fig.1. The RVI and RVICloud indicators

Fig.1. The RVI and RVICloud indicators

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

AdaptiveRVI AdaptiveRVI

AdaptiveRVI is the Relative Vigor Index oscillator that adapts to the constantly changing marker cycles of a real financial asset.

Exp_Laguerre Exp_Laguerre

A trading system based on the signals of the ColorLaguerre indicator.

XMA_BBx7_Cloud_Digit_Grid XMA_BBx7_Cloud_Digit_Grid

Three Bollinger Bands channels based on one moving average, drawn as a colored cloud, with the display of the last values as price labels and the possibility to round Bollinger levels up to a required number of digits, and a price grid with these rounded values.

Exp_3LineBreak Exp_3LineBreak

A trading system based on the signals of the 3LineBreak indicator.