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2016.02.09 09:25
2016.11.22 07:32
dema_3htf.mq5 (12.54 KB)view
dema_3htf_.mq5 (12.54 KB)view

Three Double Exponential Moving Average indicators from three different timeframes displayed on the same chart.

Figure 1. The DEMA_3HTF and DEMA_3HTF_ indicators

Figure 1. The DEMA_3HTF and DEMA_3HTF_ indicators

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Original code:


The Double Exponential Moving Average indicator with the timeframe selection option available in input parameters.

CopyTicksInd CopyTicksInd

The indicator demonstrates the operation of obtaining the ticks using the "CopyTicks", and allows to compare the three modes of obtaining ticks.


METRO_XRSX_HTF_Signal shows a trend direction or a signal for performing a deal generated by METRO_XRSX_Sign indicator at the chosen bar as a graphic object with colored trend indication or deal direction and sends alerts or audio signals in case of a market entry moment.

OrderExample OrderExample

The Expert Advisor sends trade requests using OrderSendAsync() function.