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2015.05.12 10:32
2016.11.22 07:32


Richard Donchian, based on the code by Luis Guilherme Damiani, posted by Nikolay Kositsin. (All credits maintained.)

This indicator is a modified version of Donchian Channels by Luis Guilherme Damiani, inspired by DonForex DonchianFibo indicator for MetaTrader 4.

I never found this indicator for Metatrader 5, so i made one for me. Hope you enjoy it.

Donchian Fibo for MetaTrader 5

Arbitrage II Arbitrage II

The indicator plots two lines that represent the difference between two currencies derived from three pairs/currencies.

MD5 Cloud Decryptor MD5 Cloud Decryptor

This example shows the use of the mechanism of custom data frame transmission from agents during a brute force search aimed at finding MD5 hashes. The speed characteristics of the computing network and the progress are shown in real time. The program also demonstrates the principle of virtualization of nonlinear and non-numeric input parameters into a numeric counter.

Oscillator Candles Oscillator Candles

OHLC colour candles drawn in a separate window.

Active Chart Active Chart

The Expert Advisor allows you to determine which chart is active at the moment.