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2015.05.05 17:05

MD5 Cloud Decryptor - expert for MetaTrader 5

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This example shows the use of the mechanism of custom data frame transmission from agents during a brute force search aimed at finding MD5 hashes.

Units of tasks of password search from the MD5 hash are sent to remote agents, which then return found passwords. A found password is printed in the "Experts" window of the main terminal. The speed characteristics of the computing network and the progress are shown in real time.

The test MD5 hash "ab4f63f9ac65152575886860dde480a1" was found in a couple of seconds as a 6-symbol password 'azerty'.

The program also demonstrates the principle of virtualization of nonlinear and non-numeric input parameters into a numeric counter. To do this, we set the sinput flag "not used in the brute force search" and add a working counter named 'Counter', it is program controlled:

//--- input parameters
sinput int                 PasswordLengthFrom   =6;                          // Password Length From
sinput int                 PasswordLengthTo     =6;                          // Password Length To
sinput BruteForceEnumType  BruteforceType       =BRUTEFORCE_SET_ASCII_DIGITS;// Bruteforce Attack Charset 
sinput string              BruteforceCharacters ="";                         // Bruteforce Custom Charset 

sinput HashEnumType        HashType=HASH_TYPE_SINGLE;                        // Hash Type
sinput string              HashList="ab4f63f9ac65152575886860dde480a1";      // Hash Source of azerty
                                                                             // MD5 hash or filename (1 hash in line)
sinput long                Counter=0;

By using the hybrid master mode, which allows running one EA copy in the terminal in addition to copies on remote and local agents, we can:

  • manage remote agents and distribute tasks to them
  • receive data frames from remote agents
  • handle received data, save them, or visualize on chart

The screenshot above shows that the master EA successfully visualizes the brute force search speed in the computing network.

To activate the master mode, you need to add the OnTesterInit handler in the EA, where you can read all input parameters, convert them into a linear counter and explicitly redefine the operation mode of any input variable. The below code shows how to convert non-numeric/nonlinear parameters to a double counter, then set new limits and operation mode of the numeric Counter parameter:

void OnTesterInit()
   double passes=0.0;
//--- Calculate the limits


Although the Counter parameter was initially locked, later it was redefined as an active working counter with explicit limits. This means that the tester will work with this particular parameter.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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