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2012.11.22 09:53

Support Vector Machine Learning Trader - expert for MetaTrader 5

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svmtrader.mq5 (14.52 KB)view

The example Expert Advisor below ("svmTrader") has been written to show a typical use of the support vector machine learning tool (a copy of the support vector machine learning tool can be downloaded from the MQL5 Market). This Expert Advisor works as follows:

  1. Two new support vector machines are created using the svMachineTool library. One is setup to signal new 'buy' trades and the other is setup to signal new 'sell' trades.

  2. Seven standard indicators are initialized with each of their handles stored to an integer array (Note: any combination of indicators can be used as inputs, they just need to be passed to the svm in a single integer array).

  3. The array of indicator handles are passed to the new support vector machines.

  4. Using the array of indicator handles and other parameters, historical price data is used to generate accurate inputs and outputs to be used for training the support vector machines.

  5. Once all of the inputs and outputs have been generated, both of the support vector machines are trained.

  6. The trained support vector machines are used in the EA to signal new buy and sell trades. When a new buy or sell trade signal appears, the trade is opened along with manually set Stop Loss and Take Profit orders.

Hopefully the Expert Advisor will allow you to experiment a little with the Tool. I recommend you copy/change/modify the Expert Advisor to suit your own trading style.

Block Diagram - Support Vector Machine Learning Tool

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