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2012.11.22 11:08
2016.11.22 07:32

The Exp_BBands_Stop Expert Advisor is based on the signals obtained from the BBands_Stop_v1 signal indicator. A signal for a transaction forms when a bar is closing, if the indicator changes its position and color. 

Proper operation of the generated Expert Advisor requires the compiled indicator file BBands_Stop_v1.ex5 to be placed in terminal_data_directory\MQL5\Indicators.

Tests shown below were run using the default input parameters of the Expert Advisor. Stop Loss and Take Profit were not used during the tests.

Fig. 1. Examples of deals on a chart

Fig. 1. Examples of transactions in the chart

Testing results for USDCHF H4 over 2011:

Fig. 2. Chart of testing results

Fig. 2. Testing results chart

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Original code:

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