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2012.10.30 14:27
2016.11.22 07:32
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FastZZ is the easiest and fastest zigzag. It fully implements the IdealZZ "picture", and yet is several times faster and more cost efficient than the latter.

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Original code:

CCIT3_noReCalc CCIT3_noReCalc

The CCIT3_Simple indicator modified.

PercentInfo PercentInfo

PercentInfo gives information on the rise and drop in prices expressed as a percentage and in points as obtained from the three largest time frames of the currency chart. Simple and good information assistant.


Expert Advisor that trades based on the AML indicator, at the intersection of the bar with the indicator line.

MultiXRSXSignal MultiXRSXSignal

MultiXRSXSignal displays information on current trends using values of the four XRSX indicators obtained from different time frames.