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2006.11.17 15:21
2014.04.21 14:55

The Indicator ang_Zad(C) helps to define the dominant trend.

External variable:
ki - a factor of the delay.

The Blue line changes at incrementations of the trends. Red - when decrease.

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Original code:

ang PR (Din)-v1 ang PR (Din)-v1

Indicator ang_PR (Din)-v1 represents an indicator based on polynomial regression.

ang AutoCh HL-v1 ang AutoCh HL-v1

The Indicator ang_AutoCh_HL-v1 automatically forms up the equidistant price channel from givenned points.

ang AZad(C) ang AZad(C)

The Indicator ang_AZad(C) helps to define the dominant trend as ang_Zad(C).

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