Binance Utilities 1.1. Automated subscription to Stake Product

Binance Utilities 1.1. Automated subscription to Stake Product

29 November 2022, 15:56
Joel Juanpere

Binance Utilites help in view and manage your Binance Assets.

Product's Page:

The version 1.1 ads a new feature, automatize the subscription to a stake product. ** you need to enable spot and margin trading on your Binance API settings to use this feature.

In general most demanded coins have his Stake offers full and you can't subscribe. But once a day, some free room can appear again because other users has ended his stake.

The problem is this usually last few minutes while other people join to the stake again. 

You can consult all the stake products and the last hour they was available here

For example, polkadot for 120 is availabe because has a low limit amount for each binance users, but other options, like stake 60 and 90 days, soon become full again after return to have some room.

With Binance Utilities, you can define the product you want to subscribe, and the utility will check every few seconds if the product is available to proceed with the subscription.

For example, the next image shows a subscription process to Band Protocol 60 days:

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