VR Lollipop advisor 2022 )))

VR Lollipop advisor 2022 )))

6 October 2022, 16:35
Vladimir Pastushak

🔥🔥🔥 Version in Mql5 Market MetaTrader 4 🔥🔥🔥
🔥🔥🔥 Version in Mql5 Market MetaTrader 5 🔥🔥🔥

VR Lollipop Expert Advisor is an automated trading strategy designed to trade on trend movements of any financial instruments. The main task of the adviser is to accumulate positions protected by a profitable stop loss in the direction of price movement and in the direction of trend. Below on the page you will see drawings and videos with a demonstration of the adviser's work.

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Requirements and recommendations

  • Trading Account Type: Hedging;
  • Financial instruments: Forex, Crypto, CFD, Metals and others;
  • Terminal: MetaTrader;
  • Preliminary testing on training and demo accounts;
  • Chart period 1H or older;

Important! When testing the program in the strategy tester, please keep the following points in mind:

  • The best testing is to use the program under real conditions. To evaluate the real effectiveness of the application, please buy the program for a short time and use it on demo accounts or micro-accounts.
  • The strategy tester built into MetaTrader does not take into account the following: financial instrument, trading period, spread, leverage, commission, ping, requotes, real tick receipt rate, tick quality and other conditions.
  • The profitability and loss results obtained with the strategy tester should not be taken into account!

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  • < Lot Calculation Settings > - Lot Calculation Settings
    • Start lots - Initial starting lot - Sets the lot for starting positions. It can be the minimum value (0.01).
    • Decrease Lots - Decrease of the starting lot in the direction of the trend. It can be the minimum value (0.01). If Start lots is set to a lot greater than the minimum, then when opening a position in the direction of price movement, the lot is reduced by the value set in Decrease Lots.
    • Multiplier Lots - Lot Multiplier - Lot increase against price movement. May have values 1.1, 1.4, 2.3...
  • < Position Step Settings > - Settings for calculating the step between positions
    • * Step position - Step between positions
    • Use new bar? - trading at the onset of a new bar, all trading operations are performed at the beginning of a new trading period.
  • < Trailing stop Settings > - Settings for modifying Stop Loss levels
    • * Profit plus - The minimum value of profit points when closing a network of positions open against price movement.
    • * Breakeven - Minimum level without loss.
    • Type Trailing stop - Type of modification of Stop Loss levels
      • Manual - Manual control. The trader himself determines the Stop Loss levels for each position. Also with this value, Stop Loss levels can be controlled by other trading experts.
      • Donchian channel - Modification of Stop Loss levels by Donchian channel levels.
      • Bolinger - Modification of Stop Loss levels according to the levels of the Bolinger Bands indicator.
      • Dynamic - Dynamic modification of Stop Loss levels based on the values specified in the Trailing Size and Maximum % trailing stop settings
    • Indicator Parametr 1 (Period Donchian, Bolinger) - Setting the period of the Donchian and Bolinger Bands indicators
    • Indicator Parametr 2 (Deviation Bolinger) - Deviation setting for the Bolinger Bands indicator
    • * Trailing Size (Dynamic) - The maximum value of the desired profit for one position in points.
    • Maximal % trailing stop (Dynamic) - Percentage in points of profit fixing as a result of moving Stop Loss levels for each market position. It can take values from 10 to 90 percent.
  • < Other Settings > - Other Settings
    • Close all positions at rofit (50) (0 - Dont work) - Profit amount to close all positions
    • Close all positions at loss (-50) (0 - Dont work) -  Loss amount to close all positions
    • Expert Advisor actions after closing all positions -  The type of work of the adviser when the closing of all positions by profit or loss is triggered.
    • Trade stop profit positions (0 - Dont work) -  Allows you to stop opening positions if there is a specified number of positions with a stop loss at no loss and no other positions
      • Full Trading stop - Full stop of the adviser without resuming work
      • Closing all positions and continuing trading - Resuming the work of the adviser after the complete closure of all positions
    • Magic Number - A unique number of positions to be opened
    • * Slippage - The size of the slip
    • Telegram bot token - Telegram bot token for receiving messages about the account status.
    • Comment position - Comments on positions
  • < Annotation > - Annotations
    • * - The setting depends on the number of decimal places, for 5 brokers 500, for 4 brokers 50 - Note

🔥 Together with the program you will receive:

  • Free updates
  • Free technical support
  • Free access to the user community
  • 30 Activations, which will allow you to change your computer or reinstall the operating system 30 times

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