MT4 and MT5 tool for chart Technical analysis

MT4 and MT5 tool for chart Technical analysis

18 February 2021, 16:33
Igor Zizek
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MT4 MT5 Chart TECHNICAL ANALYSIS - Everything for Technical Analysis in one tool

Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline.

Official Website manuals here

Technical analysis  MT4 download here.
Technical analysis  MT5 download here.

FREE Technical analysis Dashboard for MT4 and MT5

How to install Technical analysis DEMO

Technical analysis DEMO MT4 download here
Technical analysis DEMO MT5 download here

1. Open Data Folder

2. Navigate to folder \MQL5\Indicators and copy file Trading box Technical analysis MT5 DEMO.ex5

3. Restart MetaTrader terminal

4. Drag Technical analysis on chart. Works only for AUDCAD, CHFJPY on DEMO broker accounts.

Hotkeys for drawing Support Resistance levels and Supply Demand zones
Last clicked candle Hotkeys for Support and Resistance levels (extended trendline):
H - High
L - Low
O - Open
C - Close

Last clicked candle Hotkeys for Supply and Demand zones (extended rectangle):
S - Supply zone
D - Demand zone

How to draw support resistance lines on naked chart with Trading box Technical analysis

Support and Resistance level is key to find price reversals on forex chart when trader is doing naked chart analysis. The strongest support resistance level is when it is overlaid with supply demand level. This trading tool is also support and resistance indicator tool for making your technical analysis much faster and clearer on naked chart.

he concepts of trading level support and resistance are undoubtedly two of the most highly discussed attributes of technical analysis. Part of analyzing chart patterns, these terms are used by traders to refer to price levels on charts that tend to act as barriers, preventing the price of an asset from getting pushed in a certain direction.

At first, the explanation and idea behind identifying these levels seem easy, but as you'll find out, support and resistance can come in various forms, and the concept is more difficult to master than it first appears.


• Technical analysts use support and resistance levels to identify price points on a chart where the probabilities favor a pause or reversal of a prevailing trend. 

• Support occurs where a downtrend is expected to pause due to a concentration of demand.

• Resistance occurs where an uptrend is expected to pause temporarily, due to a concentration of supply. 

• Market psychology plays a major role as traders and investors remember the past and react to changing conditions to anticipate future market movement.

• Support and resistance areas can be identified on charts using trendlines and moving averages.

How to draw supply demand zone levels on naked chart Trading box Technical analysis tool for MT4 & MT5 Supply demand trading with price action approach is the easiest and most accurate professional trading approach for trading forex. We are using price alert for MT4 and MT5 with trendline and rectangle tool. Traders nowadays using mostly naked chart for technical analysis with forex trading supply demand and price action trading approach. This tool offers rectangle extender indicator, multi timeframe trading tool, price alert tool. Supply and demand trading are very popular for day trading in institutional trading for sniper entry forex trader.

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Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline. For professional supply demand trading MT4 price alert and MT4 MT5 mobile alert in one tool. Metatrader 4 trading forex Metatrader 5 trading forex

How to place MT4 MT5 price alert and sound repeat alert, readthemarket, ifmyante This extended rectangle or Zone Extender can be used like color level or color levels advanced rectangle tool. It can be used as order block rectangle alert. Many traders use it as consolidation box for breakout alert or break alert. Trend alert and Line alert is very useful. It works nicely with Forex Trade Manager, Trade Assistant, naked forex, Easy Trade Manager, Draw Horizontal Ray, Smart Ruler, Order Block Breaker, Quick Order Tool.