Revealing where actual Support & Resistance is located.

Revealing where actual Support & Resistance is located.

13 October 2018, 18:24
Yohana Parmi
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Hello traders,

  • This is actual Support and Resistance on GBPUSD.
    People who understand how SR Strategy works, then
    they could get the benefit from this picture.

    H1 for short-term  trades

  • Risk in Brexit situation
    In my view at this time, GBP is very risky for trade.  As we knew, there is a schedule for final decision
    deal or no-deal in October - November 2018. Advised that we are better stay away from GBP. 
    Because usually, at any time there could be many comments and speeches from the decision maker
    which could make GBP moves on abnormal market. It means there would be slippage on your brokers.
    You will difficult exit position for positive results on that situation,
    even though your trade has been placed at the right position.

  • Besides GBP, there are still some currency pairs are better for your trade.

  • I share this -- not to rival your signal -- because this is one of the ways to educate new A2SR users,
    or especially for people who are new to forex  this year.

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