A profitable alternative to bank deposits

A profitable alternative to bank deposits

22 August 2018, 19:18
Yurij Batura

Traditionally, people who want to save and increase their savings, put them in the bank at interest, while receiving a maximum of 5% per annum. But there is a way to increase this percentage by 10 to 20 times. You ask how? That's how! You just can do the same thing that the bank does, but only for yourself.

I open the secret: banks earn the lion's share of their profit by placing your money in the financial currency markets, giving you only a tiny part of your profit, which is 50 percent or more per annum. How it works?

The mechanism for making a profit is quite simple, placing your funds in the financial currency markets, the bank manages them using a special computer program - a financial robot. As you understand, having a computer, you can do it yourself, not sharing profits with the bank. In the United States, for example, 80% of profit to private capital owners is brought by financial robots or, as they are also called, financial advisers.

Here, for example, one of these robots BuySellProf and BuySellProf lite . And his work in real time for the year Expert BuySellProf 10 and BuySellProf lite. As you saw for yourself, the robot received 55% of the profit in foreign currency for the year. And this is a very real and much more profitable alternative to bank deposits, while no one forbids you to withdraw your funds at any time and in any amount.

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