What if I could make a High Volatility Trading Concept for Bitcoin using an Automatic Trader and Neural Networks?

What if I could make a High Volatility Trading Concept for Bitcoin using an Automatic Trader and Neural Networks?

22 January 2018, 15:56
Ricardo Penders

Whatever people say about Bitcoin it still is highly volatile and there are enough opportunities to earn big...

You know, I was just watching the Bitcoin charts today and it keeps amazing me how much opportunities it keeps giving away to really

earn a lot of money with it if you do it right of course, even a new trader should be able to make a couple dollar per day I think.

I know from personal experience that this is probably the best platform to be when it comes to any kind of trading and earning an

income online because this platform gives me the best possible tools and stuff to create my own trading robot in my opinion, I certainly

haven't found anything else online as capable as MetaTrader and I don't say that because I'm invested or promoting for them but it's my

own and honest opinion, if you know anything that comes close to this platform please share it with me in the comments because I

really want to know if there is such a thing.

MetaTrader has something unique which gives you a super powerful algorithm that helps you with creating your own auto trading robots

and I've successfully built a few test robots and started to get more interested in using neural networks and doing some research on it,

hoping that there were others like me that see how incredible this platform really is and the opportunities it can create if you get a

couple of like minded people together maybe there can come something great out of it, right?

I believe it can, however I'm only one person and I'm not the best trader at all and I don't have to be because I'm more a technical kinda guy

and more interested in building a trading robot that I can use with confidence without doing any of the trades myself or be staring at some

screen with charts the whole day, that's no life either if you ask me.

I just wish there was more interest in this or just a couple of people who may want to collaborate with me on this stuff.

If you are one of those people who wants to invest some time and knowledge in making one good and reliable trading robot that we can use

and possibly get stinking rich off selling it to the community and letting it do its job on complete autopilot please get in contact with me if

you are really serious about this because we don't want to waste anyone's time.

I know I can build a trading robot and go through all the technical stuff but as I said before I'm not the person that can give anyone any advice

about trading because it's not my strong suit, that's why I wrote this blog post to get in contact with people that have that experience of a good

online trader and knows a lot about any kind of trends for trading.

Anyway, I hope that this year will be the start of something great with this idea.

Best regards,

Ricardo Penders CEO



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