How TO Use Java In Algorithmic Trading?

7 October 2017, 17:55
Ahmad Hassam
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Java is a powerful object oriented programming language.

If you have been developing Android Apps, you must be familiar with Java.

Can we use Java in algorithmic trading? Rather should we use Java in algorithmic trading?

Dukascopy and Oanda are two forex brokers that provide Java API for algorithmic trading.

If you want to hone your Java skills as a Java developer, you should use it in algorithmic trading.

Java is a powerful language that allows you to do machine learning and deep learning.

Dukascopy Java API provides you to develop Java algorithmic trading strategies plus indicators.

I have written this post on how to do algorithmic trading with Java.

Java is owned by Oracle which is a powerful corporation.

I think in the next few years you will see Java on par with R and Python when it comes to data science.

I am saying this because I have seen 15 new books on Java Data Science this year alone.

It already has got powerful machine learning and deep learning libraries.

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