How to become an independent provider of trading signals.

How to become an independent provider of trading signals.

5 March 2017, 16:17
Stanislav Dray

Hello, everybody.

My program is useful for traders who trade successfully and want to share their success (not free of course) with other people, anywhere in the world.

‌This remote copier of trades tested in real trading.

It consists of two parts: the Master for the trader's account and Client for a customer's accounts, which can be anywhere in the world, as the copier operates through the Internet.

High-speed copying (from 70 ms + Ping) allows you to work with scalping strategies and the advanced MM settings on the client side allow customers to fine-tune permissible for themselves risk.

Price $ 90 for one Master + unlimited number of Clients ( per set for one signal), which will be hard-affixed to the IP your server.

‌The communication Master with Clients is carried out via an intermediate server (сonfiguring the server included in the price), which you will pay yourself ~ $ 3-9 per month(price depends on the server location and the provider company). 

Bookings can be made via freelancing, just need create a job for me:

Thank you for attention.

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