Lightweight html5-tools for tester report and statement analysis

18 November 2016, 14:37
Stanislav Korotky

Quite often there is a need to analyze html-documents, generated by MetaTrader 4. Since the tester in MetaTrader 4 supports only one work symbol at once, multicurrency expert advisers are usually tested by running many separate tests for different work symbols one by one. As a result, the overall behaviour of the expert adviser, including main trading performance indicators and the curve of consolidated balance, are not available to the trader using built-in tools. Besides, if you get a statement from a real or demo account, it can be a problem to figure out profits and risks for every specific symbol mentioned in the document. To solve these problems I created a toolset, which I've been using many years.

Actually, this is a set of small web-applications (HTML-pages + JavaScript) for analysis of multicurrency trade statements and detailed statements, as well as for merging and comparison of tester rerpots for different work symbols.

Please note, that all instruments are provided "as is". There is no guarantee that they can handle all HTML-pages, generated by the terminal. The instruments have been developed and tested on standard files only (Strategy Tester Report, Statement, Detailed Statement), but their internal format can be changed by MetaQuotes any time. If some errors arise, one may customize the tools according to any new HTML-templates, thanks to the fact that the source codes are available.


Main files:

  • mt4analyzer.html - trade statement analysis by symbols; short and detailed statements should work;
  • mt4compare.html - side by side comparison of balance curves of multiple tester reports (for different work symbols or strategies);
  • mt4merger.html - merging of multiple tester reports into one combined report with consolidated balance and main trade performance indicators;

Auxiliary files:

  • mt4date.js - date and time processing;
  • jquery.flot.js - graphic library;
  • jquery.js - core library linked to (you may change version in the first script tag's src attribute of every main HTML-page; old version is included into attached archive and can be used offline, but the first script tag in the HTML-pages should be edited as well)


Unpack the archive and copy all files to any folder.


All pages in the toolset require HTML5-compliant web-browser. To use any of the tools just open corresponding HTML-page in the browser. 

How to use

After you open one of the HTML-pages in your browser, you'll see something like this (every specific page may have slighly different titles, hints and table structures):

Browser window after MT4 html tool start-up

Select an HTML-file with MT4 report (or multiple) on your disk by clicking the button or simply by dragging and dropping the file(s) to the specified area. The report(s) processing may take some time (there is no progress indicator!). When it's finished, results are shown on the page, on its top. The report(s) itself are also included into the page at the bottom (they are scrolled out of visible viewport on the screenshots). Here are examples of the results.


mt4analyzer: results of processing MT4 trade statement in browser


mt4compare: comparison of MT4 tester resports in browser


mt4merger: result of merging MT4 tester reports into single combined survey


Some of MT4 html-reports may have a linked image of balance curve. Such images will show up on the pages only if special requirements are met: while selecting report files for analysis (for example, by Ctrl+left mouse click in Windows Explorer) you should first select image files (.gif), and then HTML-reports using them.

Please note, that some file managers may not preserve the order, in which files are selected. As a result, the image files may appear in the end of the list of dragged and dropped files. In this case the toolset will not be able to bind images with corresponding reports, and reports will be shown without original balance curves. If the error occurs, use Windows Explorer or consult with documentation for your file manager.

As an alternative way of solving the problem (of original images not showing in the pages) you may copy all reports and related gif-images into the folder where the toolset is installed. 

Tool-specific features:

  • mt4analyzer accepts only 1 trade statement and optionally 1 image file (in the case of Detailed Statement); if you select many statements, the result will be shown only for the latest one;
  • both mt4merger and mt4compare accept 1 or more tester reports and optionally an image for every report;



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