Automatic EA TickSniper and GOOD SANTA

Automatic EA TickSniper and GOOD SANTA

27 September 2016, 10:07
Vladislav Andruschenko
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TickSniper and GOOD SANTA

Type : Automatic scalper with auto tuning of all parameters under the broker and currency

Grade : Automatic tick adviser. Powered by tick data on the basis of the current movement of the currency pair

Terminals : MT4 and MT5

Features : Auto setting trading parameters for the current symbol, averaging functions TakeProfit, TrailingStop, middle TrailingStop, breakeven, opportunity to use the martingale.



Program description

Exp-TickSniper is a high-speed scalper with automatic selection of the parameters for each currency pair individually.

In addition to technical analysis, which is widespread among traders, the principle of tick movements is used for constructing Expert Advisors. Trading tactics of such Expert Advisors allows locking small sharp price movements and opening a position in the direction of the signal.

The Exp-TickSniper Expert Advisor is designed for facilitating the search for such situations for entering the market. It works with classic currency pairs. The Expert Advisor is based on the following principle: the EA analyzes tick data and prices, compares the received data, and then opens a position in the direction of fast movement. Stop loss and take profit are set automatically.

In addition to the usual trade this EA analyzes the changes in the initial deposit. A long drawdown exceeding 50 spreads gives a signal to average the position. With the help of the averager EA the trades in the drawdown are averaged to approach the zero level.

Now, regarding the testing of Exp-TickSniper in the strategy tester. Historical results cannot be analyzed, because the strategy uses ticks that appear incorrectly in the tester. There are two options - you can conduct your own testing or trust our data. You can also download the demo version of the advisor and test it on a real account on the USDJPY currency pair

Another important fact is to choose a broker for this Expert Advisor. The flow of quotes must be trouble free, and there should be the possibility of trading small profits. If there is any doubt, it is better to choose another dealing center. Also it is necessary to choose a broker with floating spread and no commission. Otherwise, the Commission may eliminate the resulting profit. I recommend to start trading with a thousand of dollars, the EA is programmed to trade 0.01 lot (not less). 3 currency pairs per $1,000 and the minimum lot of 0.01. If your deposit is much smaller, you should open a cent account, where $100 = 10,000 cents, and set a lot of 0.1.

Attention! This EA operates based on the speed of quotes. For the EA to work at full power, it must be the only one running on your computer.

Additional terminals decrease the flow of quotes for the EA. The best way to trade using this EA is to have a separate VPS server.

  1. Works on the currency pair on which the advisor is installed.
  2. Timeframe does not matter. The adviser works on current quotes, does not pay attention to TIMEFRAME.
  3. He counts the ticks that came to the terminal, and seeks the price movement of the current currency pair for a fraction of a second.
  4. The sharp movement of the currency pair, supported by the general trend of this symbol, generates a signal to open the position.
  5. The adviser studies the direction and continuity of motion and calculates the path of movement of tics.
  6. All data are grouped by a series of rapid movements and based on the data received, the adviser opens the position.

Trade Features

  1. Each position opens with a stop-loss equal to 250 average spreads.
  2. Each position is followed by an averaging function at a distance of 50 medium spreads.
  3. The cumulative position (Series of open positions) has its own trailing stop at a distance of 5 spreads.
  4. If the position or series of positions goes into profit, the advisor sets a break-even point. When you roll back the price of such a position, it will be closed on a lossless.
  5. The advisor calculates the spread based on averaging the last ticks in 15 seconds.
  6. Over 90% of positions are closed with a profit.
  7. Less than 10% of positions close on stoploss.
  8. In adverse periods, the loss can block profits.


  1. Before you buy this Expert Advisor, please download the demo version of the Expert Advisor and put it on the demo or real account for the USDJPY currency pair (for free). Check the system on the server of your broker.
  2. This advisor does not work for all brokers! Depends on the speed of quotes in the terminal. You can download the demo version.
  3. The Commission can absorb all profits.
  4. Zero spread is prohibited for the system.
  5. The recommended deposit is from $ 1000 with a minimum lot of 0.01 to 3 currency pairs (for example EURUSD USDCHF USDJPY)
  6. The Expert Advisor is tested on a floating spread . On a fixed spread, the system may not work correctly!
  7. In the tester, the spread is fixed. Therefore, the results of the tester and the real account may differ.
  8. The adviser works to reduce and increase the spread , as well as the rate of receipt of quotations. Therefore, each broker has different results.
  9. The Expert Advisor uses averaging and Stop Loss. Averaging is triggered every 50 spreads from the previous position. Stop Loss is set at a distance of 250 spreads.
  10. The advisor uses the scalper strategy : positions can be closed in the range 1 - 8888888888 points.
  11. Count your deposit based on tests on your broker's server in such a way that it will withstand the average annual movement of the currency pair.
  12. Use reinvestment , take profits on time, manage your money.
  13. Forex is a risk , please, before you trade Forex, I advise you to learn the basics of this earnings.
  14. Advisor is fully automatic.
  15. A small deposit is a guarantee of a large drawdown.
  16. Getting a profit today, I do not give a guarantee of profit in a month. Forex - unpredictable.
  17. Getting a loss today, you can make a profit tomorrow.

Recommended Brokers :

  1. For the version of the MetaTrader 4 terminal advisor, I recommend Alpari
  2. For the version of the MetaTrader 5 terminal advisor, I recommend RoboForex
  3. For an account with a deposit of more than $ 1000, I recommend the type of account PRO Standart
  4. For an account with a deposit of less than $ 1,000, I recommend the type of PRO Cent account
  5. Leverage 1: 100 or higher
  6. The timeframe does not matter, the advisor only works on quotations.
  7. Currency pairs any, you can choose any currency pairs. I trade at EURUSD USDCHF USDJPY


Good Santa is the younger brother of the system TICKSNIPER as a whole.

Good Santa was created for beginners who do not like \ do not know how to configure the expert. All settings in this EA are set by default. You can select the type of trade for the expert parameter LevelTrade .

Detailed parameters in the EA Good Santa were hidden for a beginner do not get confused by them. All automatically configured by your broker and the currency pair.

TICKSNIPER - professionalism scalping system in which all options are available for editing. You can customize TICKSNIPER to fit your needs. TICKSNIPER also has some additional features that were not included in Advisor Good Santa

LevelTrade divided into 5 major types:

    1. EASY - Easy mode. Few deals - accurate signal Timeopen = 3000 DistanceTickSpred = 7
    2. MEDIUM - golden mean Timeopen = 1500 DistanceTickSpred = 2
    3. HARD - Aggressive method for more deals - less than the accuracy Timeopen = 1500 DistanceTickSpred = 1
    4. SlowQuotesBroker - trade regime for brokers with Timeopen quotations low flow = 3000 DistanceTickSpred = 2
    5. CRAZY - Mega aggressive trading mode fast transaction Timeopen = 3000 DistanceTickSpred = 1

    You can set your type of trading on the advisor



    LevelTrade - Level Trade aggressive scalper

    The EASY - Easy mode. Few deals - accurate signal Timeopen = 1000DistanceTickSpred = 7

    MEDIUM - Golden Mean Timeopen = 1000DistanceTickSpred = 2

    The HARD - Aggressive method More transactions - less accuracy Timeopen = 1000DistanceTickSpred = 3

    SlowQuotesBroker - trade regime for brokers with Timeopen quotations low flow = 1000 DistanceTickSpred = 5

    CRAZY - MegaAgressivnoy trade regime fast transaction Timeopen = 1000 DistanceTickSpred = 1

    LotBalancePcnt - Percentage of the balance to auto-detect the lot

    Lots - Manual entry of the lot

    DynamicLot - lots to true auto-probe \ false hand lead

    Timetrade - Setting time of the signals


    MaxSpreadToNotTrade - Restrictions on trade in excess of maximum spread spread

    MinSpreadToNotTrade - restrictions on trade with decreasing spread Minimal spread

    PercentDDMAX - Disable new signals in excess of drawdowns on all counts

    OnlyModify - Ability to accompany the open positions on the trailing and averaging without opening new deals on signals

    Timeopen - determining currency movements Time. In milliseconds. The higher the value - the more accurate the signal. The lower the value - the stricter rules of scalping

    TimeToCheckAverageSpread - time determination of the average spread in milliseconds

    PeriodFilterMa - MoovingAverage period for M1 chart for identifying and filtering deals with the trend If AI BUY shows the transaction open only to BUY

    AveragingbyFilterMA - establish averaging a warrant only if the filter MA shows in the same direction as the direction of the transaction

    HoursSleepEaAfterStopLoss - number of hours of sleep after the closing of the stop-loss in the red

    MinTimebeforenextAverage - The minimum number of minutes until the next opening Averaging order! Useful for large candles, candle when one opens a few averages. Thus, we limit following the opening minutes;


    AutoTrade - automatic selection and optimization of parameters based on the average spread

    DistanceTickSpred - Number of points (spreads), which must pass the currency of Timeopen time to determine the direction

    TakeProfitTickSpred - takeprofit transaction \ total transaction spreads

    StoplossTickSpred - stoploss of each individual transaction in spreads

    DistanceAverageSpred - Distance to average in spreads

    DistanceAverageSpred _Koef - koefitsient increase distance averaging with each new transaction

    DistanceAverageSpred _Diferent - averaging a distance of points separated by commas

    MaxOrdersOpen - Number of averaging deals

    TrailingStopaTickSpred - treylingstop distance for the transaction \ total transaction

    Averaging _ LotsMartin - koefitsient increase the lot for each subsequent transaction averaging


    DistanceTick - Number of points that must pass for the currency Timeopen time to determine the direction

    TakeProfit of - takeprofit transaction \ total transactions in points

    Of StopLoss - Stop-loss for each individual transaction in points

    The Distance - Distance to average in points

    TrailingStopa - treylingstop distance for the transaction \ total transaction


    Breakeven the BU Sets - activation function for transactions bezubytka

    Trade Sets OTHER - Magick, slippage, the operating mode for ETSN

    AutoLot Sets - setting the lot

    Time The Trade For the Set - setting trade time

    CommentsToOrder - named adviser for comments


    NoNewPosition_below_MarginLevel - the restriction on opening new trades when margin fell less than the value

    SecondsSleepEaAfterClose - Do not open new business on the expiration SecondsSleepEaAfterClose seconds after closing the last

    • ModifyStoplossEverySeconds - modify the stoploss and take profit every ModifyStoplossEverySeconds seconds on the new Spread

    • StartAveragingFilterMAafterNdeals - The number of transactions after which include filtration average transactions on MA

    • SaveTPafterTrailingStop - Save takeprofit, after inclusion in the work treylingstopa


    • Trade_by_BUYSELL_Separate - Trade Advisor in two directions simultaneously. Lets trade and BUY and SELL simultaneously

    Principle of operation signals for opening transactions

    The adviser works on the basis of the speed of traffic on the chosen currency pair quotes, it means that the adviser responds to every rapid movement of quotations at some point. For example, when the output of important news, quotes, currency pairs are beginning to move at a certain speed. To open a transaction adviser, he should vychilit speed of the data.

    Timeopen - determining currency movements Time. In milliseconds. The higher the value - the more accurate the signal. The lower the value - the stricter rules of scalping

    DistanceTickSpred - Number of points (spreads), which must pass the currency of Timeopen time to determine the direction

    PeriodFilterMa - MoovingAverage period for M1 chart for identifying and filtering deals with the trend If AI BUY shows the transaction open only to BUY

    These two parameters determine the speed of response to the signals, for example Timeopen = 1500 ms and DistanceTickSpred = 2

    This means that for 1.5 seconds quotes must pass at least two of the spread from the starting point. It also takes into account the direction of the indicator MoovingAverage.

    The algorithm for calculation of the counselor signals are unique and can not be expanded by.

    In order to adjust the quantity and quality of deals, you need to adjust the settings Timeopen and DistanceTickSpred

    The higher the less Timeopen transactions Advisor looking for a long movement within DistanceTickSpred spreads

    The higher the less DistanceTickSpred transactions Advisor catches most lasting movement, all the small movements will be filtered

    1. - EASY - Easy mode. Few trades - accurate signal Timeopen = 3000 DistanceTickSpred = 7
    2. - MEDIUM - The golden mean Timeopen = 1500 DistanceTickSpred = 2
    3. - HARD - Aggressive method More deals - less accuracy Timeopen = 1500 DistanceTickSpred = 1
    4. - SlowQuotesBroker - Trading mode for brokers with a weak stream of quotations Timeopen = 3000 DistanceTickSpred = 2
    5. - CRAZY - Mega Mode Aggressive trading fast deals Timeopen = 3000 DistanceTickSpred = 1 
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