ECB's Weidmann: Don't see need for monetary easing after Brexit

1 July 2016, 18:24
Sherif Hasan

More signs the ECB will wait-and-see

A 'sources' report earlier this week also indicated the ECB is in no rush to act.

  • Must keep period of uncertainty as short as possible
  • Scope of Brexit's economic impact not yet clear
  • Brexit to slightly dampen growth in Eurozone and Germany
  • Not clear more easing would have a stimulative effect
  • A political crisis needs a political solution

He spoke at an economics club in Munich.

"I do not see the need for additional monetary easing in the euro area in reaction to the Brexit vote," he Weidmann. "Monetary policy is already very expansionary and it is questionable whether more easing would at all have a stimulative effect."
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