Articles on trading system automation in MQL4

Read articles on the trading systems with a wide variety of ideas at the core. Learn how to use statistical methods and patterns on candlestick charts, how to filter signals and where to use semaphore indicators.

The MQL5 Wizard will help you create robots without programming to quickly check your trading ideas. Use the Wizard to learn about genetic algorithms.

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Indicator Taichi - a Simple Idea of Formalizing the Values of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

Hard to interpret Ichimoku signals? This article introduces some principles of formalizing values and signals of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. For visualization of its usage the author chose the currency pair

Object Approach in MQL

This article will be interesting first of all for programmers both beginners and professionals working in MQL environment. Also it would be useful if this article were read by MQL environment

How to Make the Detection and Recovery of Errors in an Expert Advisor Code Easier

In Export Advisors development, the questions of code errors detection and recovery are very important. The peculiarity is that a not detected in time error may ruin a precious idea of a trading

Trading Using Linux

The article describes how to use indicators to watch the situation on financial markets online

Filtering by History

The article describes the usage of virtual trading as an integral part of trade opening filter

Universal Expert Advisor Template

The article will help newbies in trading to create flexibly adjustable Expert Advisors

Creation of an Automated Trading System

You must admit that it sounds alluringly - you become a fortunate possessor of a program that can develop for you a profitable automated trading system (ATC) within a few minutes. All you need is to

How to Cut an EA Code for an Easier Life and Fewer Errors

A simple concept described in the article allows those developing automated trading systems in MQL4 to simplify existing trading systems, as well as reduce time needed for development of new systems

Non-standard Automated Trading

Successful and comfortable trading using MT4 platform without detailed market analysis - is it possible? Can such trading be implemented in practice? I suppose, yes. Especially in terms of the

How to Develop a Reliable and Safe Trade Robot in MQL 4

The article deals with the most common errors that occur in developing and using of an Expert Advisor. An exemplary safe automated trading system is described, as well

Modelling Requotes in Tester and Expert Advisor Stability Analysis

Requote is a scourge for many Expert Advisors, especially for those that have rather sensitive conditions of entering/exiting a trade. In the article, a way to check up the EA for the requotes

Ten "Errors" of a Newcomer in Trading?

The article substantiates approach to building a trading system as a sequence of opening and closing the interrelated orders regarding the existing conditions - prices and the current values of each

Genetic Algorithms vs. Simple Search in the MetaTrader 4 Optimizer

The article compares the time and results of Expert Advisors' optimization using genetic algorithms and those obtained by simple search

Expert System 'Commentator'. Practical Use of Embedded Indicators in an MQL4 Program

The article describes the use of technical indicators in programming on MQL4

Events in МetaТrader 4

The article deals with programmed tracking of events in the МetaТrader 4 Client Terminal, such as opening/closing/modifying orders, and is targeted at a user who has basic skills in working with the

Orders Management - It's Simple

The article deals with various ways of how to control open positions and pending orders. It is devoted to simplifying of writing Expert Advisors

Trading Strategies

All categories classifying trading strategies are fully arbitrary. The classification below is to emphasize the basic differences between possible approaches to trading

My First "Grail"

Examined are the most frequent mistakes that lead the first-time programmers to creation of a "super-moneymaking" (when tested) trading systems. Exemplary experts that show fantastic results in

Considering Orders in a Large Program

General principles of considering orders in a large and complex program are discussed

A Pause between Trades

The article deals with the problem of how to arrange pauses between trade operations when a number of experts work on one МТ 4 Client Terminal. It is intended for users who have basic skills in both

MagicNumber: "Magic" Identifier of the Order

The article deals with the problem of conflict-free trading of several experts on the same МТ 4 Client Terminal. It "teaches" the expert to manage only "its own" orders without modifying or closing

How to Use Crashlogs to Debug Your Own DLLs

25 to 30% of all crashlogs received from users appear due to errors occurring when functions imported from custom dlls are executed

Working with Files. An Example of Important Market Events Visualization

The article deals with the outlook of using MQL4 for more productive work at FOREX markets

Free-of-Holes Charts

The article deals with realization of charts without skipped bars

Genetic Algorithms: Mathematics

Genetic (evolutionary) algorithms are used for optimization purposes. An example of such purpose can be neuronet learning, i.e., selection of such weight values that allow reaching the minimum error

How to Evaluate the Expert Testing Results

The article gives formulas and the calculation order for data shown in the Tester report