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Oil King Premium

This robot works in 15-minute periods. Opens a limited number of transactions when it reaches a specific transaction volume. You can run the following system if you want to open operations.

Set the amount of the lot from the set You can start the strategy test by typing the broker name of the Brent or WTI symbol type and selecting the lot amount.

Symbol EA = Oils+ ( Sample Symbol Name Your Brokers ) 

Period : M15

( Cancellation and Money Back Guarantee within 7 Days )  

Ralf Fink
Ralf Fink 2019.07.19 11:31 

i think still buggy some time u do proif some time lose trades....all in all +-0

testing one month

Aravind 2019.06.20 06:09 

Trades very less as strategy is about catching small rollbacks after strong movements. It does not catch real big moves but just 1/10 of the retrace.

Version 1.1 2019.05.07
Timer Speed Up ( 5second)