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HeLL Cat

The Expert Advisor based on 6 interdependent cores of a neural network and the function of their automatic optimization on real trading using virtual orders. Trading is performed on almost every candle. HeLL Cat learns by real trading and predicts the next candle. If you are used to boring and safe trading of 1 trade per week, then this EA is definitely not about that!

The trading is based on the consideration of every timeframe (starting from the M5 timeframe and up to D1), which comprise the full picture of the price action at the current moment, and making decisions to enter and exit trades. The EA uses a modern coverage method, which allows to move the opened orders into the profit with minimum drawdowns, even when the price does not go in our favor. Special attention should be given to the Stop Loss function. It uses a separate layer of the neural network, forcibly closing unprofitable orders, if there is a confirmation that the trend changed and the price will not return again.

The EA can be used not only for single mode trading (when only HeLL Cat is running), but also for the correction of difficult situations during trading with EAs which use averaging (the "Protect Depo" switch must be toggled off), and also during manual trading for those, who want to set the trading direction and place orders themselves, entrusting the following order maintenance and closure to the Expert Advisor.

  • Recommended deposit for trading is $500;
  • Acceptable deposit for trading starts from $100;
  • For long-term trading using the EA, it is recommended to use cent accounts.

Currently the EA is optimized only for EURUSD and M30 timeFrame, but it can work stably on other symbols at recommended settings as well.


  • Info panel — displays handy informational panel;
  • Stop open first order — enables the mode, which stops opening of the first orders;
  • Stop open all orders — enables the mode, which stops opening of all orders;
  • Protect Deposit — enables the mode, which forcibly closes all open unprofitable orders (Disable during manual trading, and also during the correction of the situations when using EAs with averaging. Use only during single operation mode of the HeLL Cat!);
  • Start hour — EA operation start time (broker time);
  • End hour — EA operation end time (broker time);
  • Magic number for Buy order — the magic number of Buy orders;
  • Magic number for Sell order — the magic number of Sell orders;
  • Magic number for Manual orders — magic number for the orders the EA considers its own, separated by comma;
  • Calculation of a lot from balance — enables the dynamic lot calculation mode based on the account balance to open the first order (depends on the "Use money" parameter);
  • Calculation of a lot from equity — enables the dynamic lot calculation mode based on the account equity to open the first order (depends on the "Use money" parameter);
  • Lot — lot value to open the first order (with the "Calculation of a lot from balance" and "Calculation of a lot from equity" parameters disabled);
  • Maximum trades — number of orders in the series;
  • Use Money — parameter that sets the percentage of the balance or deposit to be used for the calculation of the lot of the first order, so that there is enough margin left to open orders, specified in the "Maximum trades" parameter, while using the "Calculation of a lot from balance" or "Calculation of a lot from equity" parameters;
  • Take Profit — Take Profit value in points;
  • Trailing start — the value for the "Take Profit" to pass for the virtual trailing stop to start working;
  • Trailing size — size of the virtual trailing stop;
  • Slippage — allowed price slippage;
  • On/Off additional filter OsMa — additional filtration using the OsMA oscillator;
  • Timeframe OsMA — timeframe of the OsMA indicator;
  • Study of neuro-network — settings for the neural network operation (do not change!)

Blue line - the level for opening the Buy order.

Red line - the level for opening the Sell order.

Yellow line - the level of trailing stop.

We do not recommend launching the EA when important news are released.

Noel Nobleza
2017.05.20 04:03 

High Drawdown.

Mahmoud Farajpour
2017.04.28 14:31   

I Rented it for 1 months then disconnected it after 2 weeks

Very bad experience

Olivier Nomblot
2017.04.19 22:49   

i run most neurals and have my own so am curious here, however I put it on a real account and it proceded to shut down all open orders???this needs a fix i m still trying to recover , lucky itwas a small account .I ve never seen that before sorry

2017.03.08 20:49 

very very good EA

2016.11.01 14:04 

if there are 10 stars, I will vote 10, for the author and his great work. I purchased this EA 2 weeks ago and put it to trade in my live account, the EA is stably profitable and the author is very responsive. I share my experience with this EA as following:

1. The EA is built upon new technique in forex trading, the artificial neural network, so, this is a real robot which can learn in trading process and improve trading results by it self, this has been proved in my own use. It makes reasonable deals with small drawdowns, like an experienced trader, one needs only to be patient. It trades carefully so it brings not a lot profit per day on one pair in small account, however, due to it's small drawdown, it can be used simultaneously on multi-currency pairs, the profit can be linearly increased. Now I'm using it on EURUSD and GBPUSD, with other pairs like AUDUSD and USDCHF shows also gut results in demo account and I'm going to begin real trades.

2. Regarding it's advanced features, this EA could be sold on much more expensive price. I think most of people who purchased this product will find its value.

3. The author is very responsive, after the purchase, questions and wishes are answered quickly. The author had even made a customized version of the robot for me, I appreciate his efforts very much.

4. This EA has great potential, it can be significantly improved in new version.

For these reason, this EA is highly recommendable.

Konstantin Efremov
2016.07.29 06:34 

Отличный сов, отзывчивый автор! Главное следовать рекомендациям и подбирать правильные пары для текущей версии. Обновление совы будет бомба, уверен! Надеюсь на дальнейшее развитие проекта в полноценный AI и кроссплатформенное решение с единой базой данных.

Serafin Perez
2016.05.10 18:00 

Excellent EA. Antes de usar, pregunta al autor sobre la configuración. Da beneficios si lo usas correctamente.

2016.04.16 06:56 

Amazing robot made by the author. Dmitry is a genius.

2016.02.27 16:22 

Fantastic EA! Great work. Rented it and bought it after it made the profit of the price of the purchase before the author decide to put the price up! Great work!


Yes, indeed, i lost some money as well, but lucky enough, i manage to manually stop the EA and close all my position. I still think this EA can make some money. The Author sincerely apologize to all his Customer. But hey, it was a news event that drove the Euro back up. And in his EA specification he said that this EA is not to be switched on during high news event. He said that he will update the EA on the 10th of February with new settings, so lets see.

Will update review accordingly with new settings after the 10th of February.


Still no new version coming. Having the EA on Demo account for a week now switching it off during news event. Up 50% of demo account. There is a lot of potential in this EA. Just need to accept large draw down. Very Happy with it. Still waiting for update. Would be great to have a smart filter for switching off EA during news event. But i don't know how it could be done due to the fact that it might difficult to close already open position with a profit prior to news event.


EA with new setting. Perfect. No more big draw-down. Author has been responsive at all time when questions were asked. Asked Author to customize EA as per my settings. Was done in no time. EA has been running now on my Demo account for 1 month, and the profits are the way i expect them to be. Even with the Hellcat old version, where at the beginning of the month there was a draw down due to the hike of the EURO, on friday, i have been running the new version during US news event. EA reacted safely. and in those 2 hours EA manage to control the high volatility and came out with a 0% profit for those 3 hours. Which i think is brilliant. (Well, that was the way i wanted it as i hate trading news event. Fundamental does not match technical and will never). Author seems very humble and hardworking. Well done Dimitry.

2016.02.07 20:43 

really a hell-cat-EA.. crashed the whole demo account in 1 day during big news. To be fair, vendor is not recommending trading during news, but this is not practicable..then we need a build-in news-filter

Frank B
2016.02.05 11:09 

Very risky! With the default settings I've lost a lot of money

2016.02.04 17:39 

95% DD after 5 hours trading....

2016.02.02 20:30 

Awesome so far, only had running for a full 24 hrs now and up $250... running on 6 pairs and only @ .05 per pair

best EA on this site for sure. will post results soon

Igor Dervuk
2016.02.02 08:24 

Реально рабочий сов.!!! Поставил его сразу на 8 пар, старт минимальным лотом 0.01 и усреднением 8 .

Прибыль в день в среднем 2-8 % от депо , в зависимости от рынка .

Давно хотел приобрести машину с самообучающейся системой и подстраивающуюся под нелинейный(нестабильный) рынок !

Dennis Landin
2016.01.29 15:44 

Superb EA and support!

2016.01.28 13:49 

Test it Live with EU Session, works very good, i Stop it bevor important News... Good Work.. Hope get the % Profit per Day in next Version.

Diego Bordignon
2016.01.28 12:09 

really good EA ... very PLEASED !

Maxim Kirillov
2016.01.24 13:49 

Очень хороший, продуманный продукт. Безопасная и прибыльная торговля: прикрывает убыточные ордера на откатах и тралит прибыль. На реале этот продукт показывает прекрасные результаты. Если позволяет депо, то можно поставить на несколько пар. Советую избегать "сырьевых" валют: на безоткатных движениях с ВЫКЛЮЧЕННОЙ защитой депозита можно потерять деньги.