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Make Your Own EA

IMPORTANT: No strategy using martingale, grid, hedge is made. EA works on any Asset/Timeframe

The default setting is for EUR/USD pair in the 5 minute timeframe.

For a complete description of all parameters and EA, check out the article I created: 

The idea of this EA is to allow the user to develop their own strategy , since few people understand programming.

The operation is quite simple. Initially EA comes with 5 indicators :

  • Moving Averages
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • RSI
  • 1 ADX

The user can configure the indicators however they want, even in different timeframes .

Operation Example:

Open a Buy order under the following conditions:
  1. When 4 EMA first crosses 50 EMA followed by 14 EMA to the downside on the  4hr chart , then open a sell trade at market order.
  2. Slow %D above Slow %K on the Daily Chart in Stochastic.
  3. Place stop loss should be at 50 pips .
  4. You can set your take profit at 150 pips which is 3 times what you risked.

This is just an example but the possibilities are endless. If you only want to use 2 moving averages or disable any indicator is also possible.

If you have no idea in mind, the way to make your strategy into your preferred asset/timeframe is by using optimization.

Since optimization takes so long and so many possibilities, I created a Telegram group where we will test and share the best strategies using  Make Your Own EA . You can access the group here:

My idea is to have community participation so that we have the best strategies and Sets.

Description of the parameters:

  • Order Settings : Here you set parameters such as Take Profit , Stop Loss , Trailling Stop , Break Even , Batch Size Management, Auto / Manual Batch etc.
  • Strategies Configurations : Here are configured the indicators that will be used ( Moving Averages , RSI and Stochastic ).

My initial idea is to use these indicators, but new ones will be added over time. I am confident you have this idea and I count on the support of the community.

Any questions, I am available =) 

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Версия 4.0 2020.02.24
- Added ADX indicator.
- Added parameter "immediate crossing of averages". With this parameter enabled, the input signal is given at the exact moment of crossing the moving averages.
- Correction made in the lot size calculation for USD/JPY pair.
- Correction made to the stochastic indicator.
Версия 3.8 2020.02.16
- Added minimum time parameter after closing an operation to open another. (So there is no risk of opening another operation right after closing)
- Adjusted automatic lot size based on the account deposit currency.
- Adjusted operation closing, trailling stop and break even functions.