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Trade Copier Global MT5

This Copier allows you to copy trades between Metatrader terminals even when they are installed on separate computers. 

Having both MT4 and MT5 versions of the Copier makes it possible to send trades from MT4 to MT5 and vice versa.

Demo version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/39290

MT4 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/19928

Only Hedging Accounts are supported! Netting Accounts are not!


  • Fast execution (~1 sec,  depending on location/broker)
  • Automatic symbol prefix recognition.
  • Unlimited # of Slaves
  • Pending and market orders.
  • Partial order closing
  • Master is able to send messages to Slaves
  • Several lot calculation methods (see below)
  • Does not affect other EAs
  • Constant improvement based on feedbacks
  • Only one instance per Metatrader Terminal to copy all symbols


  • Mode (master/slave) - select "master" to copy FROM or "slave" to copy TO the account.
  • Master settings (master mode active):
    • Pending orders (true/false) - Send or ignore pending orders. If "false" is selected then the pending order is sent only once it triggers on the master (and becomes a market order)
    • CustomComment - Send an arbitrary text instead of the original comment (to hide comments)
  • Slave settings (slave mode active):
    • Master ID - ID value obtained from the EA running in "master" mode. See the screenshots for details
    • Hedge - This function reverses the trade direction. Buy <> Sell
    • Order Execution - Execute the trades or just notify about them
    • Notification message types - Trade events to get notified about (Opening, Modifying and Closing) 
    • Notification types - Pop Alert, Email, Push Notification
    • Lots Mode (identical/fixed/balance) - identical: exact same amount from the Master, fixed: amount entered in the "Fixed Lots" input, balance: proportional to balance sizes (slave lots = master lots * slave balance / master balance)
    • Lots Multiplier - multiply the calculated lot size (works in all lots mode)
    • Comment Mode (fromMaster/Input/Both) - fromMaster: copies the OrderComment from the Master, Input: uses the text specified in the "Text Input", Both: Specified text + Master OrderComment
    • Symbols - Specifies the symbols to be copied. If the input is empty then all orders are sent. Many symbols can be specified comma separated. For example: EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY (three symbols are copied the rest is ignored) or USD,GBP (all symbols containing USD or GBP are copied).
    • Magicnumber - Specifies the magic numbers to be copied. See above at Symbols.
    • Custom Symbols - (5 inputs) Translates symbols between the Master and Slave. For example: Master symbol: XAUUSD, Slave symbol: GOLD in this case by default the trade fails as there's no XAUUSD symbol on the Slave account. Setting any of the five CustomSymbol inputs to XAUUSD,GOLD (master symbol,slave symbol comma separated) solves the issue. 


  1. Go to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors.
  2. Tick "Allow WebRequest for listed URLs".
  3. Add the following URL without quotes to the list: "http://mt4copy.tk".
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 on all PCs you would like to run the Copier (either Master or Slave).
  5. Attach the Copier to a single chart. In the EA's Inputs window, set the Mode to "master".
  6. On the chart, a text box appears with the ID of the Master. Copy this text.
  7. On the Slave computer, attach the Copier to a single chart. Set the Mode to "slave".
  8. Add the Master ID from step 7 to Master ID within the inputs.

Screenshots may help.

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Christian Bruns
Christian Bruns 2020.06.16 06:05   

Really very good! Copied from my computer to my VPS!

Версия 2.8 2020.09.25
-Fixed bug when the number of open trades are above 100
-Added MaxLot input to limit the size of trades.
Версия 2.7 2020.09.12
-Fixed bugs.
Версия 2.6 2020.08.11
-Fixed partial close bug
Версия 2.5 2020.07.27
-Several bugs fixed
Версия 2.0 2020.07.02
-IMPORTANT! Fixed copying bug.
-SL & TP copying can be disabled on the Slave
-Copying trade exits can be disabled on the Slave
-Added extra security to Trade Exits. Slaves search for leftover trades with 1 minute frequency.
-Added display to Master showing the Ping to the server in milliseconds
-Added Master Status Indicator to the Slave. Green - Master is Online, Orange - Master is Away - Red, Master is Offline
-Trade volumes below 0.01 lot are correctly calculated
-Added ability to disable specific symbols on the Slave