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WILD CYCLE EA is a market-trend following EA, it will try making money persistently adapting to the market situation.

The base strategy is to open positions to the positive SWAP direction, for example EURUSD SHORT. Positions will be opened with the capable lot size, which is calculated by the account balance. On the other hand, WILD CYCLE EA has the following functions.

[Basic Functions]

1. Positive SWAP positions, here in after Base Positions, can be opened multiply calculated by “lot per size” and also by a certain points gaps from the current price. In this way, you don’t have to wait for the “best moment”; to be honest we often prefer to open positions in different sequences.
2. Virtual trailing: It can be used by the average price of all opened Base Positions.
3. Assist positions will be opened when the market tendency goes opposite of the Base Positions. These assist positions will be also treated together for the virtual trailing.
4. Hedge positions, here in after Counter Positions, will be opened with the lot size which wouldn’t affect the account balance (meaning, always lower lot size than the Base Positions).
5. Trailing for Counter positions: You can select between standard trailing or virtual.
6. Automated lot size calculation (AutoLot).
7. Close all positions: It will close all positions when Base Positions reached the target points.
8. New additional positive SWAP direction positions will be opened using the gained money until the next “close all”.
The basic idea of this EA is to trade with the capable lot size that our account balance can manage so to reduce the risk. The leverage can be 1:200 but it’s more recommended to use it as if 1:5 or even 1:1 leverage. Why? The reason is that this EA is not scalping or day trade strategy but it’s a long period trading strategy. It can last 1 month, 3 months, a half year or even more. That is why this EA shall be used for the positive SWAP direction (also SWAP free account is nice as well).

If you open 0.01 lot size for every 1000USD, even with the terrible black swan events wouldn’t easily wipe your account. Brexit, Greece Crisis, NFL, ECB, ADP, or any other important news wouldn’t cause a critical damage to your account easily. It’s more, with the hedging strategy you’d make money since the vast majority of the cases, the market tendency backs to the previous price, sooner or later, after the big movements.

This is like a manual trading method; however you don’t have to be behind the monitor watching the every market movement, but you can trade systematically with many internal sophisticated functions with WILD CYCLE EA.

1. VPS.
2. Balanced lot size (for example, 0.01 per 1000USD)
3. Positive SWAP direction for the Base Positions (or SWAP free account).
4. Time Frame : any time frame is OK. Signal is operated with D1.

* Base Positions Magic Number:
* Counter positions Magic Number: 
* Base Positions Direction: Select between SHORT, LONG, or AUTO.
* UseTradeRange: Default “False”
* TradeRangeSHORT_From/Until: Type  the SHORT positions range, if you choose “True” for UseTradeRange.
* TradeRangeLONG_From /Until: Type the LONG positions range, if you choose “True” for UseTradeRange.
* Max positions for Base: Default 3
* Max positions for Counters: Default 6
* Risk Setting: Select from; Low, Standard, Medium, High.
* Lot per size (Base position):
* Max Spread
* Trade Spread
* SL: Stop Loss (point)
* TP: Take Profit (point)
* StartVirtualTrailingStop: Type in Point the value to start the average virtual trailing for Base positions.
* VirtualTralingDistance: Type in Point the distance value.
* UseTrailing for Counters: Select from True/False.
* TrailingDistance for Counters: Type in Point the distance value.
* Use Virtual Trailing for Counters: Select from True/False.
* StartVirtualTraiingStop: Type in Point the value to start the average virtual traling for Counters.
* VirtualTrailingDistance: Type in Point the distance value.
* Base buffer from the current price: Type in Point
* Counter buffer from the current price: Type in Point
* TradeStop Function after reaching CloseAll: Default “False”.
* Execute immediate CloseAll & Trade Stop: Default “False”.

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