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Fibonacci Expansion and Retracement Pro

Fibonacci Expansion and Retracement Tool is a tool for the MT4 and MT5 platform, which is for traders who use the Dinapoli levels trading method and the Golden Section。
The  main function of this tool:
1. Draw multiple sets of Fibonacci retracements directly, and the relationship between important return points is clear .

2. Draw Fibonacci extensions, Point A,B,C, COP,OP,XOP.

3. The line of Fibonacci expansion and retracement can be moved. You can move th e line to the position you want where make you chart  looks neat and clean.

4. Change the time frame by number keys.

Function keys:

1. Press "[" or "r" to draw Retracement

2. Press  "]" or "e" to draw Extension

3. Press "\" to delete all Extensions and Retracement of current time frame

4. Move, delete Retracement and Extensions 

(1) Click  the F5 line of the first set of Retracement.

Click 1st time(turns yellow), and press Delete key on the keyboard to delete the Retracement.

Click 2nd times ( get back to original color) to move back to the appropriate position

(2) Click on the line of COP

Click once (turns yellow), press DELETE on the keyboard to turn the group back

Click 2 times ( get back to original color) , move Extensions to the appropriate position

5. Modify the Retracement and Extension:

(1) Select the focus F or the rebound point number (F or the rebound point font becomes larger and turns yellow) and move the mouse.

(2) Select one of the three ABC points (the font becomes larger and turns yellow) and move the mouse.
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Версия 1.47 2019.02.03
fix a small bug
Версия 1.46 2018.10.08
1. change the parament tips to english
2. easier to choose Cop Line than old version