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DYJ StrongCurrency EA MT4

This StrongCurrency is a complete trading system based on a variety of technical indicators, moving averages and pivots. Each of those elements can be assessed in defined rules and coefficients (depending on the indicator) providing limitless optimization scenarios for the StrongCurrency. In order to work the StrongCurrency creates a trend strength and entry point signal list display by evaluating these data, that takes data from all symbols. It extrapolates all the information in order to get the trend strength or weakness to take a decision on market. List data includes Symbol, LastEntryies,LastPercent. The LastEntryies and LastPercent show entry points (price, time, currency pair to trend percent). When the trend intensity is greater than 70%, it is considered to be a strong currency pair. This tool works on the Forex Market and processing data on indices, metals, etc.

The Expert Advisor is based on classical StrongCurrency strategy. You just need to configure from properties News time and the rest is automatically handled by the robot.

The EA works in any trading session. The work time1 and work time2 and work time3 parameter is intraday. It means that if you want to set a working time from 19:00 PM to 05:00 AM, for example, you should define two different intervals, such as 19:00 to 23:59 and 00:00 to 05:00.

The EA opens orders at a specific news time, such as 19:59 to 20:03 and InpTimeFrame M1 to H1.

This tool works in any timeframe, and its simplified information could give excellent input signals. It helps you to quickly and clearly find the strong and weak currency pairs. Please see screenshot.

By default, the EA is configured for trading the GBPUSD currency pair on the H1 timeframe. Also, settings for the EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD and XAUUSD currency pairs will be provided in the Comments section.

Inputs Value

  • InpMagicNumber:Magic number.
  • InpIsEveryTick = true - Enable every tick.
  • InpMAOpenLevel = MA_CROSS_LEVEL_3 - MA Open Level.
  • InpMACloseLevel = MA_CROSS_LEVEL_1 - MA Close Level.
  • InpTimeFrame=H1 - Work timeframe.
  • InpEntryPercent = Min_70 - Trend percentage requirements 70% or more.
  • InpClosePercent = 70.0 - Exit Percent.
  • InpSelecttrend = DILine - Select trend. DoNotUseThis to ExtremelyStrongTrend.
  • InpIgnoreFuture = false - Ignore Future.
  • InpMaxOrders = 1. - Max Orders.
  • InpLots = 1.0. - Lots.
  • InpTakeProfit = 1000. - Take Profit Points
  • InpStopLoss = 2000. - StopLoss Points
  • InpTrailingStop = 0.00. - Trailing Stoploss points.
  • InpWaitMinsForNextSignal = 30 - - Wait for the next time of signal.
  • InpIsUseTradingTime = false -- set to false to trade all the time, set to true to use trading time defined below.
  • InpStartTime1 = 08:15  -- start hour of work time 1.
  • InpEndTime1 = 08:35   -- final hour of work time 1.
  • InpStartTime2 = 13:45  --  start hour of work time 2.
  • InpEndTime2 =14:42    -- final hour of work time 2.
  • InpStartTime3 = 22:15 -- start hour of work time 3.
  • InpEndTime3 = 22:45 -- final hour of work time 3.

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