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EU Savings Box EA

EU_Savings_Box (MT5 Expert Advisor)

This is 100% Algo Forex Trading Robot and is programmed for Long Term Investment with Low Risk. It uses no martingale, no grid, no scalping.

The strategy combines 3 reliable and properly filtered indicators and price action to determine safe market entry and exit levels. This strategy has over 70% winning rate within 18 year plus. It is recommended for those looking for EA that can be trusted for many years.

Moreover, you can adapt this EA to your preferred trading style, for instance scalping trading style, by optimizing the TP, SL, etc to your taste.

EU_Savings_Box has Trading Time Filter which makes it possible to limit trading to specified period of the day. This option can be optimized with your broker's time and data for better performance. 

MM can be increased or reduced appropriately. Higher value mean higher stake, higher profit. Lower MM is recommended for Bigger Investment.

This EA with its default setting is optimized and recommended for H1 Timeframe of EURUSD Pair and has been backtested with good performance and low drawdown for 8 years on real tick data.


1. UseFixedLot: By default, this is set to false, meaning you are using growing lots based on available capital and MM setting. If you prefer to use fixed lot size, set this to true.

2. FixedLotsize: Ignore this if you're not using fixed lot size. If using fixed lot, ensure the value you set here is commensurate with your available capital.

3. MM_Percent: Money Management - Default value MM 15 or below is recommended. Higher value means higher stake.

4. MM_Denominator: Default value is 1,000. Your Account Balance divided by MM_denominator multiply by MM_Percent determines your lot size per trade.

5. MinLot: This is used to set your preferred minimum lot size.

6. MaxLot: This is used to set your preferred maximum lot size.

7. Stop Loss: Pip value is used. EA will recognize your broker's digits automatically.

8. Take Profit: Pip value is used. EA will recognize your broker's digits automatically.

9. MaxSpread: Maximum Allowed Spread. Used for spread protection.

10. Indicator1 - Parameter1

11. Indicator1 - Parameter2

12. Indicator2 - Parameter1

13. Indicator3 - Parameter1

14. Indicator3 - Parameter2

15. AllowTradingFromHour: 0 to 23 can be used.

16. AllowTradingFromMinute: 0 to 59 can be used.

17. AllowTradingUntilHour: 0 to 23 can be used.

18. AllowTradingUntilMinute: 0 to 59 can be used.

19. Magic Number: Can be combination of digits from 0 to 9.


EA will recognize currency pair prefix, suffix, as well as broker's digits. Hence it can work well with any MT5 broker and can manage both small and large capital.

It is recommended to host your account and the EA on MQL5.com VPS, for better result.

See screenshots for EA testing results. To confirm the backtest result, ensure you have enough data history downloaded.

Note: MT4 version of this EA is available in the market place here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35374

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