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This is a very simple indicator that mixes the Sunday session with the Monday one. This is useful because the Sunday session is a partial session mostly with only Australian and Asian sessions included, so the analysis of the Monday's daily session if mixed with Sunday tends to be more comprehensive.

This indicator plots a candle with the following values:

  • Open - the Friday's Close or Sunday's Open (depending on your choice).
  • High - the highest High of Sunday and Monday.
  • Low - the lowest Low of the Sunday and Monday.
  • Close - the Monday's Close.

It only works when the chart is initialized (indicator is loaded or timeframe is changed) or during the first minutes of Tuesday (when Monday's candle is already formed) to reduce the CPU usage. If you remove the indicator from the chart, all Sunday candles drawn will be deleted.

For reference: the shadows are plotted on Sundays, for symmetric purposes the body will start on Friday and will end on Monday, but the calculation is as described before.

Rabbitpips 2015.01.24 20:00 

Works fine, thank you !

Versão 1.5 2014.07.23
Added option to choose just to show last Sunday candle but not the rest.
Versão 1.1 2014.07.10
Corrected an issue for the Friday Close option.