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This indicator is a plug-in for Controladora Expert Adviser, which allows you to set a specific area, and the Controladora will open a buy or a sell, if the candle closes inside this area.

To make it work in a chart with the Controladora installed, add the Act Inside indicator, then add a rectangle shape into the chart and re-size it to cover only the area where the close of a candle should be in order to send the buy or sell order.

Rename the rectangle as AI and in it's description write buy, if you want to trade a buy, or sell, if you want to trade a sell.

This is useful if you want to trade without waiting until the candle closes with a specific shape, for example, hammer or shooting star.

Or if you want to place a trade when the price closes at specific zone (like beyond a resistance but not too far from it) and/or at specific time (like after a fundamental news).

Please read and watch the video about the Controladora to better understand how it works.

And watch the demo tutorial for this plug-in in this page.

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.13 06:29 

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