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This simple free script will allow you to show  your trade levels on the chart without disclosing their size.

If the chart has no trade levels, the script will plot them using a white horizontal line for the order price, a red one for the stop loss and a blue one for the take profit.

If the chart already shows trade levels, the script will delete them, this will allow avoiding doubling trade level indications.

Every trade level line will contain in its description the ticket of the order.

Tip: You can set a "Hotkey" to call this script on your chart. To do so, just open your Navigator (Ctrl N), right click on your mouse over the script, then select "Add Hotkey", define the combination desired for this script (еg: Ctrl + O) and then press the "Close" button.

Please watch the Demo Tutorial video to better understand how to use this script. It has subtitles, if necessary, use the automatic translation of subtitles provided by Youtube.

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.13 06:31 

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