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IdeaIlan expert system applies IdeaTrend indicator. The EA applies the martingale principle. The EA allows trading in two directions simultaneously. It also has a full set of tools allowing the EA to follow a trend and add to a position if the trend moves in unfavorable direction. The EA correctly handles errors and reliably works with a deposit of 10 000 USD and higher. M5 and higher timeframes are supported. Stop levels and trailing stop are applied.


  • Magic - magic number;
  • Requotes - requotes;
  • Sleeps - interval between repeated attempts to open or close an order (ms);
  • OrderRepeat - maximum number of attempts to open or close an order;
  • OnBuy - allow buying;
  • OnSell - allow selling;
  • Lot - lot size for entering the market (priority is higher than the Risk field);
  • Risk - calculate lot depending on a deposit. We recommend that you use Risk, rather than Lot;
  • LotDecimal - lot rounding (0,1,2 decimal places);
  • LimitOrders - limit orders for the normal mode;
  • LimitTotal - limit all orders (both buy and sell ones);
  • LotExponent - should exceed one to use a lot increase for each subsequent trade in a series;
  • LimitCountExponent - order, after which a lot increase is disabled;
  • PipStep - minimum distance step between neighboring orders (in points);
  • TrailingOn, TrailingStep, TrailingMaximum - parameters for configuring a trailing stop using Parabolic;
  • StopLoss, TakeProfit - stop levels - stop loss and take profit (work like a common parameter for the entire order series);
  • Profit - close all orders in total profit;
  • Drawdown - close all orders by a specified drawdown;
  • OnTrend - allow trend-following operation;
  • OnAntiTrend - allow counter-trend operation;
  • IdeaPeriod - IdeaTrend indicator parameter;
  • IdeaForNeural - IdeaTrend indicator parameter;
  • IdeaOnA - IdeaTrend indicator parameter;
  • IdeaSkewnessA - IdeaTrend indicator parameter;
  • IdeaMinPointA - IdeaTrend indicator parameter.

Mark Vaines
Mark Vaines 2018.07.22 13:13 

Nice EA -

Versão 2.0 2018.07.23
Fixed problem when working on sale.