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Better Scroll

Better Scroll is part of the MT4 Quality of Life Improvement series of products for sale. With this utility, you can have the MetaTrader 4 terminal's AutoScroll enabled and disabled automatically when you scroll, making the feature feel more intuitive and convenient.

Whenever you scroll with the mouse to the left and release the mouse button, the MetaTrader 4 terminal's AutoScroll will be disabled. Whenever you scroll to the right and reach the end current open candle, AutoScroll will re-enable.

Also, pressing the PageUp key or the Home key on your keyboard will disable AutoScroll, while pressing the End key will re-enable AutoScroll so that the current price data doesn't leave the screen in cases where you might've forgotten to re-enable AutoScroll.

No longer will you have to manually enable and disable the MetaTrader 4 terminal's AutoScroll or have it take you to the end of the chart because you forgot to turn it off when you were backtesting or looking at historical price data.

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