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SST Kill Shot


* Note: Link to set files to test as well as other relevant information at the bottom of EA advert!                                                                                          

Stock Sniper Trading proudly presents SST Kill Shot, our kill zone intra-day strategy, where we target the fair value gaps/imbalances that form during the most volatile hour(s) of a trading session. High volatility as a result of above normal volume transactions and market orders that take place during these trading sessions will create gaps in the market (which tend to act like a magnet for price to pull back into and grab the remaining liquidity), thereby providing us with a high probability bias of whether the bulls or bears are in control during that time period in which we will define our trade entries.

SST Kill Shot meticulously identify the FVG's and place pending market orders in and around those areas of interest only during the specified kill zone timeframe(s), depending on the highly customizable input parameters SST Kill Shot will determine if a viable trade entry exist. We have been developing the 'sniper' mode which features price action and other strategies to compliment the Kill Shot EA and this combination of price action and traditional SMC concepts is a game changing algorithm, the complete solution of a multi-strategy Expert Advisor.

SST Kill Shot should work on basically any trading instrument that has enough trading volume in the market. We strongly advice certain instruments though and these include NASDAQ and Gold. GBPJPY, EURUSD & SP500 is also very good candidates for this particular EA and it's strategies. A detailed user manual will be provided with the rental or purchase of the EA, simply send us a message and we will reply with a link to the user manual and our free telegram support group. The manual will include exactly how to setup the EA, testing the EA and optimize the parameters for current market conditions, a description of every single EA parameter that can be optimized and what it does and of course how to apply the EA to start trading 'live', whether you want to trade only one instrument at a time or a couple of instances of the EA across multiple charts.

Please note: SST Kill Shot has been designed with personal as well as especially funded trading accounts in mind. Due to the drawdown limits of proprietary trading firms, our EA was designed and developed with proper risk management techniques and includes an equity protection system that will protect the account from breaching the daily drawdown limits these firms impose. 

We have a dedicated team of developers who will provide support and feedback as quickly as possible! New features and customer suggestions will be considered and improving the EA's performance is of high priority for us. 


  • Instruments: NASDAQ/GOLD
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Minimum deposit: $500 
  • Account type: RAW spread 
  • Brokers: ICMarkets or any other broker with tight spreads and reliable data feeds


  • Trade entry criteria for multiple kill zone sessions per day, kill zone hours, orders etc.
  • Trade filters including but not limited to the max amount of trades/session, aggressive entries, higher timeframe filter, liquidity sweep checks and various other filters and options.
  • Trade setup whether you would like to buy or sell only, percentage risk/trade or a fixed lot, dynamic and fixed settings for both the take profit (TP) as well as the stop loss (SL) etc. 
  • Trade management options include a portfolio of settings like partial profits, different breakeven options as well as various trailing stop options. Note: We include flexible trade management options as a standard to all our EA's, but this strategy naturally performs well with a very high R:R ratio and with no trade management at all, as long as all trades are closed at the end of the trading session! Trade management does however bring the DD down considerably with a higher success rate, configure to your style and risk tolerance!
  • Sniper mode which features a portfolio of trading strategies including price action, market structure, breakouts and liquidity. Each strategy can be configured independently for optimum trading performance. The sniper mode has been developed to smooth out the equity curve and to ensure consistent trading, as the 'Kill zone' setups does not trade as frequently as some users would expect.
  • A Trading scheduler to keep your trades running/opening or closing only during or after a certain trading session of the day. We included options to define a Tokyo session, London session and New York session and which days of the week you would like to trade. All sessions are marked up on the chart clearly indicating the trading zone of the sessions that was traded, as well as helping the trader with other confluences like Highs and Lows of potential liquidity sweeps etc. 
  • News protection which is customizable based on user risk tolerance. This feature will ensure that any open trades get's closed before volatile news events hits the market, and/or delay the EA with a specified amount of time in other words the EA will not open any new positions during this timeframe etc.
  • Equity protection to protect your account from going into unwanted drawdown daily, and an overall drawdown limiter. You can also select to secure a certain amount of profit for the day and the EA will automatically stop trading for that day.
  • System settings can be altered to adapt to the user's computer, the timer will increase the speed of back testing tremendously and especially for those with slower computer configurations. Note: Every tick is preferred or at least every 10 second intervals!
  • Visual settings include showing or hiding the information panel, the EA logo, kill zone identification and the display and colors of the trading sessions etc.

Disclaimer: Although we will do everything in our power to ensure long term success, past performance does not guarantee future results, and we at Stock Sniper Trading will not be held accountable for the use of our product(s), whether a loss of the account or any equity loss has been caused by a very drastic change in market sentiment/volatility, or the misuse or abuse of our product by the user, making use of untested or non-optimized EA parameters!

Kindly note: 

* Send us a private message after your purchase/rental, we will then send you a link to the set files, user manual and telegram group. Link to default set file and social media links please see "Comments" section!

* Please allow a period of at least three months for the Kill Shot EA to proof a very attractive overall average return on your investment!

* Link to our 'official' set files: Set files We have a community of traders on a dedicated SST Kill Shot telegram group where we post updates and give support and allow the users to assist each other and share their set files and experience with the EA on a daily basis. This EA works best on trading instruments with high volatility, but can be tweaked to work with basically any trading instrument! Note: We use ICMarkets as our preferred broker and data provider for our set file configurations, and FXIFY as our preferred prop firm: https://trader.fxify.com/purchasechallenge?affiliateId=3448) We advice to run our Kill Shot EA on a dedicated VPS: https://www.forexvps.net/?aff=47405            

Comentários 20
Tomasz Grzelak
Tomasz Grzelak 2024.04.30 10:44 

hi i just rent the product, please send me the manual and set files ASAP, tgrzelak79@gmail.com

Josh Quinn
Josh Quinn 2024.04.27 16:38 

This ea is great ! I’ve had the ea for a week and it has helped me pass phase 1 and phase 2 of my challenge with my prop firm. The great thing about this ea is you can tune it on and continue with regular day life activities. There is no need to sit in front of the computer all day the algo is carefully designed to manage risk/ take partials and cut losses I would admit it did take so getting use to because I did manually intervene a couple times to take trades. Kill shot has many different options to choose from and you can backtest them all to suit your trading style. Not every day will be a winning day as this is still trading. I wish I would have known about this ea/opportunity months ago it would have saved me thousands in the forex market.

Riddick82 2024.04.18 17:03 

thanks for this great bot killshot team, it helps me well to get crazy results !!!

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Orion DJ30 Future
Stephanie Fabienne Melous
Orion is a trading bot optimized for trading on DJ30 Future/CFD. It does not use any martingale system. The settings provided by default are optimized and I advise you to leave them like this for optimal use and comfortable risk management. Its use is therefore very simple, you just have to associate it with the graph without worrying about the input parameters; and without worrying about the timeframe. The recommended Risk/Reward (sl/tp) is 70/130 or 0.53. The system is therefore in balance fr
Nibelung Grad
Nadiya Mirosh
" Nibelung " is an advanced trading bot created for modern Forex traders. This innovative tool is a reliable assistant for anyone seeking efficient and automated trading. The bot uses pending orders as one of the main elements of its algorithm. Pending orders are placed at a certain distance from the current price and are triggered only when the price reaches a specified level. In addition, when the price moves, trailing pending orders is activated. Once the order becomes market, the bot auto
If you need MT4 version or can't afford renting/purchasing contact me for alternative solution. If you'd like to purchase multiple EAs (minimum 2 EAs) as a custom package contact me for 15% special discount for the package. Join   Nexus Community Public Chat Nexus Bitcoin Scalper is a short term scalping EA that trades Bitcoin exclusively. The EA has 3 internal trading strategies for different market environments. each strategies are based on different underlying market momentum and reversal al
Bonnitta EA MT5
Ugochukwu Mobi
3.3 (20)
Bonnitta EA é baseado na estratégia de posição pendente (PPS) e um algoritmo de negociação secreta muito avançado. A estratégia da Bonnitta EA é uma combinação de um indicador personalizado secreto, linhas de tendência, níveis de suporte e resistência (ação de preço) e o algoritmo de negociação secreta mais importante mencionado acima. NÃO COMPRE UM EA SEM QUALQUER TESTE COM DINHEIRO REAL DE MAIS DE 3 MESES, DEMOREI MAIS DE 100 SEMANAS (MAIS DE 2 ANOS) PARA TESTAR BONNITTA EA COM DINHEIRO REA
Ksm mt5
Andriy Sydoruk
5 (1)
Ksm is a modern and effective tool for automated trading on the Forex market. This multi-currency robot, developed using an advanced system for analyzing temporary information flow, is a reliable assistant for traders of any level. It provides the opportunity to make money on currency fluctuations, working on any timeframe and with various currency pairs. Key Features and Benefits: Multi-currency : Ksm can trade most currency pairs, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and increase your
AI Nodiurnal EA MT5
Ugochukwu Mobi
5 (1)
O AI Nodiurnal EA é um avançado robô de Forex que utiliza tecnologia de ponta de aprendizado de máquina para otimizar estratégias de negociação e aprimorar o desempenho no dinâmico mercado de câmbio. O termo "Nodiurnal" reflete sua capacidade de se adaptar e operar não apenas durante as típicas horas diurnas de negociação, mas também durante períodos não convencionais, proporcionando uma abordagem contínua e adaptativa para a negociação forex. Configurações: Configurações padrão no par de moedas
Bonnitta Gold MT5
Ugochukwu Mobi
5 (2)
O Bonnitta Gold é baseado no Indicador de Negociação Bonnitta pessoal e em um algoritmo de negociação secreta muito avançado. A estratégia do Bonnitta Gold é uma combinação de um indicador personalizado secreto, linhas de tendência, níveis de suporte e resistência e o mais importante algoritmo de negociação secreta mencionado anteriormente. O OURO BONNITTA PRECISA DE ALAVANCA MAIS ALTA DE 400 E ACIMA - TESTEI COM 10.000 USD E ALAVANCA DE 1:500 VEJA O LINK DA CONTA REAL ABAIXO. VOCÊ PRECISA DE
Finvesting EA
Ugochukwu Mobi
5 (1)
Desbloqueie todo o potencial dos seus investimentos em Forex com o Finvesting EA, seu aliado de confiança no mundo da negociação de moedas. Este consultor especialista (EA) foi projetado para aprimorar seu investimento em Forex e ajudá-lo a atingir seus objetivos financeiros com confiança. Espetáculo ao vivo: Finvesting EA tem um histórico ao vivo com negociações estáveis. Desempenho ao vivo em conta real MT4: https://www.mql5.com/pt/signals/1715664 MT5: https://www.mql5.com/pt/signals/1973
Navigator FX mt5
Tatiana Savkevych
Navigator FX: Your reliable guide to the Forex market Navigator FX is an advanced trading bot designed for Forex traders. This innovative tool has a wide range of features that allow traders to effectively manage their trades and strategies. The price for the first user will be low, and it will increase in the future. Advantages of Navigator FX: Reliability and Stability: Navigator FX is designed to the highest standards of reliability and stability. Intelligent Risk Management: Built-i
Documentação e suporte aqui Apresentando o Panda Robot News Trader EA: Uma Revolução no Comércio de Notícias Forex! Você já imaginou negociar notícias Forex com uma facilidade e eficiência sem precedentes? Conheça o Vestor Panda News Trader! Este Assessor Especialista (EA) de última geração é sua ferramenta definitiva para mergulhar em eventos noticiosos, equipado com duas estratégias dinâmicas para capitalizar movimentos de mercado desencadeados por anúncios econômicos. Estratégia 1: Ordens d
Nasdaq Quants NAS100
Teresa Maria Pimenta
*Nasdaq Quant NAS100 Uma Ferramenta sofisticada com adição de redes neurais uma inovação no mercado de robôs forex a otimização da estratégia com a ajuda do aprendizado de maquina trabalho inteligente para buscar os melhores resultados  Corretora indicada: pepperstone, Robo Forex,Moneta markets O Quant NAS100 é um expert advisor confiável e experiente que usa sua inteligência artificial GPT-4 quantitativa para identificar as melhores oportunidades de mercado e maximizar seus lucros ao oper
Never Dies MT5
M Ardiansyah
4.25 (4)
Never Dies EA is a super professional EA using advanced mathematical and statistical theories. The EA analyzes multiple timeframes (Chart Timeframe and D1) to detect strongest directions and verify signals. The EA is in the category of HFT trading EAs and will not use any dangerous recovery methods such as grid, martingale, hedge, .... All trades are powered by TP/SL to control the risk of the account. Also some smart algorithms inserted inside the EA to adjust some settings based on selected sy
News Catcher Pro MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.75 (16)
News Catcher Pro is a mean-reversion strategy that uses intraday seasonal volatility patterns caused by high-impact news events. It enters the market at a certain time shortly before a high-impact news event occurs . It does not trade frequently! Supported currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP Recommended timeframe: M5 MT4 version can be found here EA is   FIFO compatible To backtest the EA you should download the news events data file ' NewsEvents.txt ' and copy it to the common MT4/5 dir
Undefeated Triangle MT5
Nauris Zukas
4.2 (10)
Descrição. Este produto foi criado como parte de um projeto " PULSE_OF_MARKET ". EA "Undefeated Triangle" é um sistema avançado que explora a flutuação única entre as moedas AUD, CAD e NZD. Historicamente, os resultados mostram que esses pares usados ​​na composição sempre retornam o primeiro par movido após um movimento rápido em uma direção. Esta observação pode permitir a inclusão de um sistema grid-martingale que pode obter o máximo de pontos dessas situações únicas. EA "Triângulo Invict
Vadym Zhukovskyi
5 (5)
ScalpAuT - a scalping timing bot. Today we want to introduce the indispensable ScalpAuT assistant. This is an Expert Advisor that works on any financial pair according to the timings (time levels) of the VIST system. It took us a long time to decide whether to release an expert or not. Many people are looking for the Grail. They only dream of doing nothing, but earning millions of money. Dreaming is always good. But our advisor is definitely not for such people. Our Expert Advisor is designed fo
JoeBiden32 2024.06.12 01:39 

Before starting, please do not listen to the admin's response to my comment. He’s going to lie and say random things to make my statement look false (like I didn’t use the EA the right way, etc.), if you look to the past comments, he always says that the user didn’t used the EA well to make the statement look fake. Be also aware of the fake comments that may come after mine. I’m a developer, and I know how to use EAs and set them up. If you want any proof or data from my accounts on different brokers/set files, please send me a DM. Do not buy SST Kill Shoot; the only thing it’s going to kill is your account. I have been using this EA since November 2023. Since then, the EA has blown up several prop firm accounts and has never managed to pass a single challenge phase or otherwise. Since November 2023, we have been requesting a MyFXBook to track the EA's performance. After months of negotiations, they finally released this MyFXBook, which was disastrous. Two to three weeks later, they deleted this MyFXBook, claiming that someone had accessed the account and launched trades with another EA to damage the developer’s reputation (which was false). I have been running this EA for 8 months now, 24/7, on different brokers, always with the latest update, using the recommended set files from the developer and my own, with latency always below 10ms and a spread close to 0 pips. In short, the conditions are more than perfect for the robot to function well. And yet, nothing works: several accounts blown up and a developer who is aggressive and dishonest. This EA is simply a backtesting machine. In backtesting, you will never get the same performance as in live trading; the system is rigged. The SST team sometimes live streams the EA, and that’s when you see the bot’s disastrous performance: a win rate below 50% with RRs always below 1:1. Basic math: it’s impossible to be profitable with that. Again, I have the real data of this EA over several months, so I’m not speaking for nothing. In 8 months using the news updates with different accounts with the recommended set files and some that I made, the EA got a recovery rate under 1 and a profit factor under 1.2, which is a disaster (to remind you in the backtest the recovery rate and profit factor are all around 10 ahahah) Every time the EA performs poorly, they turn off the stream and restart it two weeks later with a new demo account reset to zero. This EA does not have any MyFXBook or live signal, and that’s for a reason.

Tomasz Grzelak
Tomasz Grzelak 2024.04.30 10:44 

hi i just rent the product, please send me the manual and set files ASAP, tgrzelak79@gmail.com

Josh Quinn
Josh Quinn 2024.04.27 16:38 

This ea is great ! I’ve had the ea for a week and it has helped me pass phase 1 and phase 2 of my challenge with my prop firm. The great thing about this ea is you can tune it on and continue with regular day life activities. There is no need to sit in front of the computer all day the algo is carefully designed to manage risk/ take partials and cut losses I would admit it did take so getting use to because I did manually intervene a couple times to take trades. Kill shot has many different options to choose from and you can backtest them all to suit your trading style. Not every day will be a winning day as this is still trading. I wish I would have known about this ea/opportunity months ago it would have saved me thousands in the forex market.

Riddick82 2024.04.18 17:03 

thanks for this great bot killshot team, it helps me well to get crazy results !!!

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2024.04.19 00:07
You are welcome and congratulations on passing the FTMO challenge with our EA, now you will see the power of consistent profit being funded with our EA. We advice to reduce risk slightly and make use of our new Gold set file as well. Good luck! :)
Syed Rizwan
Syed Rizwan 2024.02.08 17:25 

hi i just rent the product, please send me the manual and set files ASAP, rizwanhero@gmail.com

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2024.02.10 15:28
Hello Brother, please send us a DM and we will get you set up :)
oemar93 2024.02.02 21:10 

a master piece. following this ea i noticed the effort and knowledge you guys put in very good ea.. SST is BOSS

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2024.02.05 12:34
Hello there, thank you for the kind words! We are working around the clock to ensure this EA stays ahead of the game, and we are grateful when users acknowledge the hard work we put into the EA and the support we give! Regards, SST EA Developer.
janders7816 2024.01.29 23:22 

I definitely agree with Joe Biden32 it's very inconsistent .I also asked for help and then sst killshot admin started talking sideways to me and then we had words. When I purchased the bot they sent me the set files and I put them on my chart as is and I blew through multiple demo accounts accounts all of which are in the negative and yes i did update the set files. I set it and forget it like i was told. Even when i monitor the bot its still bad .Then I noticed people in the group was playing with certain settings so I started playing with certain settings that people in the group where playing with and it's still had me in the negative . So I went back and left the setfiles as is again and I'm still in the negative. This is bot is terrible its not worth the price i paid for.

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2024.01.30 14:14
Hi there thank you for the review. Please note that our EA is 'time based' and we have found that many users including you possibly failed to adjust the times in the EA to match their brokers time and should be GMT+2. This is one of the major issues we have picked up that could cause a user to blow an account. We have not blown an account and as far as we are concerned none of our users have blown an account if they followed our basic guideline(s) which is outlined in a text file on the same drive the user downloads the set files from. We can not be held responsible for the incorrect calibration of each individual users settings to match their specific broker. If you need personal assistance kindly get in touch with us via direct message on telegram or MQL. Thank you.
1mryup 2024.01.19 22:14 

just made my purchase looking for instructions and set files. are they not auto sent in email after purchase

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2024.01.20 17:24
Hi there, please don't post a review before you have not even started using the EA! Unfortunately MQL has limitations we only make use of this platform for security reasons and for this we have to pay 20% on all sales and rentals. Please send us a DM to get the information that you need as we clearly ask on the SST Kill Shot page! Regards, SST EA Support.
Matúš Kováč
Matúš Kováč 2024.01.04 01:59 

Hello hello i bought SST and don´t received the links to the manual :) raptorx123@gmail.com :) thx

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2024.01.04 04:15
Hello, please send us a DM and we can get you set up. Thank you for the support :)
hyperchick pip
hyperchick pip 2023.12.28 02:14 

During the month-long setup of SST Kill Shot, I found the process to be quite straightforward with the help of the provided manual. It is recommended to take your time studying it, especially if you are not experienced in using similar software. However, even if you lack prior experience, there's no need to worry as the support team is quick to respond and very friendly, ensuring a smooth experience without any major complications.

Throughout this period, I had the opportunity to travel twice. One of my destinations was the beautiful island of Tobago, which involved international travel and a portion of the journey was by boat. This allowed me to have some quality time away from screens and enjoy the scenic views during those hours.

The versatility of SST Kill Shot became evident during my travels. Despite being away from my usual working environment, I was able to conveniently carry my laptop with me and continue using the software without any issues. This flexibility allowed me to stay on top of my tasks and make progress even while exploring new places.

The combination of efficient setup, reliable customer support, and seamless performance while traveling made my experience with SST Kill Shot highly satisfying. It provided me with a sense of freedom and control over my work, enabling me to achieve productivity no matter where I was. so will be cont to be a active user .

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.12.28 10:43
Thank you for the review, and yes we have been working hard on eliminating as much as possible 'baby sitting' of our Kill Shot EA in the latest EA update. The EA now can pass prop firms as well as and especially maintaining funded accounts with decent returns while keeping the draw downs extremely low. Regards, SST Developer/Support.
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez 2023.12.26 02:48 

Hello team, I rent the first month to test it, I did not receive any docs or similar, please share the guidance to install and execute.

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.12.28 10:39
Hello Gabriel, you should have received the links to the manual and set files as well as the link to our free telegram group where we give realtime support and the users can share their experiences and also help each other as a community of SST and the Kill Shot EA :)
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen 2023.12.22 06:45 

I bought sst kill short. Please show me how to use it.

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.12.23 09:00
Hi there, you should have received the invite links and documentation! Regards, SST.
Jameswillday 2023.12.08 13:20 

Im very happy with killshot so far and as im new to ea trading I found it easy to get setup and with having a little play around I'm getting used to adding different set files which are all provided. There is a telegram group where we can ask for help or advice on the ea and is quickly answered by the team, I'm confident in getting further great results over the coming months with news of updates and support from such a passionate team. Keep up the great work. James w.

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.12.09 12:59
Thank you very much James! We are seeing great results from you sharing the screenshots and hope to have thecontinued success with minor losses. Please keep up the great work and ask questions when they arise. We are here to help and assist you!
Ovidijuskampanas 2023.12.08 12:14 

Revolutionizing My Trading Journey with SST Kill Shot Indicator! I've been on the quest for a reliable and effective trading tool, and I'm thrilled to share my experience with the SST Kill Shot Indicator. This automated marvel has truly transformed the way I approach trading, specifically in GBPUSD and US100 markets. From the get-go, what struck me was the simplicity of the setup. Even for someone relatively new to trading, the user-friendly interface and straightforward installation process made diving into the world of automated trading an absolute breeze. What sets SST Kill Shot apart is its unparalleled accuracy in identifying profitable opportunities. The indicator's algorithm seems to have cracked the code, consistently providing timely signals and significantly reducing the guesswork associated with trading. I've experienced a remarkable increase in the number of successful trades since incorporating this tool into my strategy. One of the standout features for me is the indicator's adaptability to different market conditions. Whether the markets are bullish, bearish, or sideways, SST Kill Shot seems to navigate effortlessly, adjusting its approach to maximize profits. This adaptability has been a game-changer, especially in the unpredictable world of trading. Moreover, the fully automated nature of SST Kill Shot has given me the luxury of time. No more constant monitoring of charts and stressful decision-making. The indicator takes care of the heavy lifting, executing trades seamlessly while I focus on other aspects of my life. Customer support has also been exceptional. Any queries or concerns were met with swift and helpful responses, further instilling confidence in the product and the team behind it. In summary, SST Kill Shot has exceeded my expectations. It's not just a trading tool; it's a strategic ally that has added a new level of efficiency and profitability to my trading journey. If you're serious about elevating your trading game and want to move from ordinary to extraordinary trader, this indicator is a must-have in your arsenal. Happy trading! Ovidijus Kampanas

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.12.09 13:03
Thank you Ovi for the amazing review. We truly appreciate this detailed review on our Kill Shot. We will be in touch with you regarding some modifications for better profit taking this week. If you need anything else we are here to assist you, thank you again... SST
vitorvieira2141 2023.11.15 11:31 

Good afternoon, I just purchased the sst kikk shot, could you send the set file and the manual

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.11.15 19:59
Hi, you should have received the links but please take note the new update is about to be released and there will be new set files as well. Regards, SST EA Support.
Dylan Engaldo
Dylan Engaldo 2023.10.19 20:48 

Hi Sniper Trading - Need a manual on how to install! Thanks again for everything!

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.10.19 21:22
Hey Dylan, thank you for the kind words. Please send us a direct message and we will get you set up with everything you need.
iamykgani2 2023.10.18 13:53 

This tool is very well developed. It's not a get rich quick scheme or EA. Give it time and let it work; the returns will build and pay dividends. The SST team give their input on the EA best practices, yet show you ways you can also tailor this tool to suite your comfort zones and style of trading. Plus aside from the Kill Shot their professional EA development service is awesome.

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.10.18 14:19
Thank you for the review! We really appreciate your feedback and positive experience so far, and having the insight into seeing the potential of the Kill Shot EA. Regards, SST EA Support.
Franklin Diaz Casado
Franklin Diaz Casado 2023.10.12 22:49 

hi i just rent the product, please send me the manual and set files ASAP, franklin.diaz@gmail.com

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.10.13 00:10
Hello Franklin, thank you for renting our EA. We have sent you the information in a private message. Please check there and let us know if you have any questions. We appreciate your support, message us with any questions you may have - Admin
Jegan Elankainathan
Jegan Elankainathan 2023.10.10 22:21 

I have been using lot's of Ea's . This one Exactly as the name! "killer" . I can control it easily without wasting a lot of time for back testing . Given set files, plug and play works well with my challenge account . just a request from the coding team !!! Please add a simplified Trailing stop instead RSI or both with the selected option . overall it's a Market killer .

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.10.11 11:04
Hi there and thank you very much for the positive review, a market "Kill Shot' it definitely is and the EA will still proof it's true potential over time, keep watching this space! ;) The EA is very flexible when it comes to 'trade management', you can either configure the EA to utilize a 'dynamic' algorithm that uses a multiplier of the ATR for TP1, and the RSI for TP2. The trailing stop on the dynamic algo also make use of an ATR multiplier, to trail dynamically in line with current market volatility. We have found this setting useful during the London session. Then the EA has a second configurable 'trade management' algorithm, a 'fixed' algo where you can simply configure the trailing stop and when it starts manually in fixed pip settings from current price, this should solve the issue that you experience above we trust! If there is any other questions or issues, please feel free to reach out to us, we provide 24/7 support and respond as quickly as we possibly can. Regards, SST EA Support.
kwat3173 2023.10.02 03:44 

Tried several time to work with the seller to get the product to work correctly but was not successful. Most of the time the EA would not take any trades, but they told me that there EA took trades.

**** Update on 10/04/2023 ******

It finally started taking trades using the setfiles that they provided. The account went from 200,000 to 188,326.51. Complete waste of money.

**** Update 10/06/2023 *****

The EA took 10 total trades. Won 1 and Loss 9

Equity went down from $188,326.51 to $182,256.51

Stock Sniper Trading Corp.
Resposta do desenvolvedor David Otterbein 2023.10.05 13:04
Hi there, it is very sad for us to hear a client complaining even after he did not work "with" us in supplying us the information that we need to identify he's problem. We simply requested screenshots of the journal file and instead the client send us screenshots of he's chart in "live" mode. We requested a back test and he could not supply us proof of that as well... We have very detailed records of our committed attempts to support this client for anybody to review! We urge everybody to properly study the user manual and get in touch with us, our support team replies as soon as they can. It is unfortunate to have such people in the community, unfairly blaming and affecting our reputation. **** Update on 10/04/2023 ****** It finally started taking trades using the setfiles that they provided. The account went from 200,000 to 188,326.51. Complete waste of money. Our Response: We have tried contacting you numerous times to give you the proper support needed, you have ignored them all. We have full proof of this for anyone who needs proof. You did not follow proper set files that we suggested for your broker which caused this to happen. There is no way this could happen if you used our account protection setting. If you truly wanted this to work you would have worked with us and not done this alone. For anyone again who needs proof that this is a false review please send us a message and we can provide all screenshot proof to show you we tried numerous times to contact this individual.
Responder ao comentário
Versão 2.20 2024.04.18
Ver 2.20:

* Added RSI 'period' to the global indicator settings
* Added an option to ignore the very 1st trade signal and take action on the 2nd signal only for all sniper modes (This could filter out potential bad entries)
* Added 'Fixed' lot size option to the sniper trading modes (Previous only a '%' lot size was configurable for sniper modes, whereas the Kill zones does have both options)
* Improved sniper mode A.I trade/profit management algorithm
* Removed GBP from 'extreme' impact internal news filter
Versão 2.10 2024.03.27
* 2.10 - News protection: Fixed an issue where the EA displayed normal HIGH impact news events as EXTREME (NFP, CPI, INTEREST RATES) impact news on the panel (This was only cosmetic)
* 2.10 - News protection: Added new settings to pause for a longer period before EXTREME impact news as well as to disable the EA for a longer period after EXTREME impact news (Default: Pause before news = 12 hours, disable after news = 24 hours)
* 2.10 - Sniper mode: Removed the trend confirmation message from the sniper PA mode as this was spamming the journal
* 2.10 - Sniper mode: A small tweak to the sniper BO and LQ entry criteria for algorithm 2 (Algorithm 1 will trade on impulse upon confirmation of a breakout or sweep, and algorithm 2 will wait for an additional confirmation before entering which is much more effective on volatile instruments)
Versão 2.0 2024.03.15
* Ver 2.0 Update notes:

* Fixed an issue where the system lost track of it's positions when allowing of opposing positions(Hedge) was set to false and to close positions at a specific time via the Kill zone settings
* New configurable Kill zone timeframe setting (This will prevent users from changing the default M5 timeframe or apply the EA to the wrong timeframe which results in the EA identifying and opening positions on the wrong timeframe leading to unfavourable trade results)
* New option via Kill zone 'Trade Filters' to check for over bought or over sold conditions before entering an FVG trade
* New option via Kill zone 'Trade Filters' to only trade FVG's in the direction of a confirmed trend
* New option via Kill zone 'Trade Filters' to allow trading FVG's during a neutral trend
* Added 'Weekly' liquidity level
* New option via Kill zone 'Trade Filters' to select which level of liquidity has to be swept(if liquidity sweep filter is active) before entering a Kill zone (FVG) trade, options between 'All levels', 'Previous session', 'Previous day' and 'Previous week'. These are strong support & resistance levels and should help trading Kill zones (FVG's) more accurately.
* New option via Kill zone 'Trade Filters' to identify 'Breakaway FVG's' and which is configurable on any timeframe. Note: Breakaway gaps is formed when the 3rd(last) candle of the 3 candle gap formation closes above/below the highest/lowest price of the 2nd candle. This indicates strong momentum and more high probability Kill zone (FVG) trade setups.
* Two new options via Kill zone 'Trade Filters' to override ALL filters when a 'Breakaway gap' OR a 'Liquidity sweep' has been identified as these are very strong confluences on their own
* Improved sniper mode algorithms
* Updated and optional 'Aggressive' A.I manage mode algorithm for the 'BO' and 'LQ' sniper modes. The system will now close 80% of a breakout (buy the high breakout/sell the low breakout) or liquidity (sell the buy side liquidity/buy the sell side liquidity) trade when the setup is invalidated. This will reduce lossess when the trade is not going in our favor i.o.w if it is a 'fakeout' on a breakout and/or a breakout of a liquidity level instead of a rejection from the level! The 'Normal' A.I manage mode will behave the same as before!
* Removed the sniper MS trade mode due to risks of potential over trading! We are going to stick with and keep improving on Price action (PA), Breakouts (BO) and market Liquidity (LQ)
* The user is now able to select between 2 x trading alogorithms for each of the 3 x sniper modes - Algorithm 1 is more precise and patient while aglgorithm 2 will trade more aggressive
* Added RSI Offset setting to the snper modes. This will change the behaviour of the sniper mode by making it more or less aggressive, i.o.w trading more or less often.
* Sniper mode trade setups should now be more consistent across different brokers as the EA will look for trade setups in more regular intervals, in stead of the individual sniper mode timeframe intervals!
* Added 'Delay a new sniper trade with minutes' configurable paramater to all the sniper modes to avoid over trading as conditions of a valid trade entry on higher timeframe sniper setups may still be valid during the sniper mode timeframe, and the previous trade was closed resulting in the maximum allowed trades variable to have been resetted to 0 and thereby allowing a new trade
* Added 'Candle range check for setup validation (0=Default)' to both the sniper 'BO' and 'LQ' modes
* Added 'Confirm price above/below trigger candle close' to both the sniper 'BO' and 'LQ' modes
* Basic indicator settings is now made available for optimisation (Over and above our custom build in indicators and signal algorithms, we would want the user to configure some basic settings that could be beneficial to change for different trading instruments)
* New "Trailing start" setting for the sniper modes. This will enable the user to set the trailing stop loss to start at an earlier level rather than only when the fixed TSL is in profit
* Added the option via 'System Settings' to enable/disable sound notifications
* Info panel will now show overlapping sessions for example when London and New York overlap the scheduler will indicate "LONDON/NEW YORK" on the info panel
* Added 'SYSTEM ACTIVE' status to avoid confusion when the status is 'SYSTEM IDLE' but the EA is actively still looking for setups. Now a status of 'SYSTEM IDLE' will only be indicated when out of schedule or it is a no trading day! When out of schedule or a no trading day, but there are trades open the EA will indicate 'SYSTEM ACTIVE' as trades are being managed still
* New 'GMT+2 Offset' configurable paramater via 'System Settings' which will automatically adjust the default set file times to match the brokers time zone. Leave 0 if you wish to manually still change and optimise the times to match your time zone! We can not emphasize how important this is to be correct, as the EA's main "Kill zone' strategy is time sensitive and not correctly defining the trading times may lead to VERY undesirable results!
* Complete revamp of the Trading scheduler due to GMT+2 auto adjustment feature etc.
* Various other minor system tweaks
Versão 1.16 2024.01.18
Ver 1.16 (Hotfix)
* Trade management: Picked up an issue when running multiple instances of the Kill Shot does not trail the stop loss of one of the instances for example running GBPUSD &
NASDAQ (Only GBPUSD was trailing)
* News protection: Fixed an issue with the news protection where if high impact news is released at the same time as our custom defined 'extreme' impact news events, the
high impact news will override the extreme impact
* News protection: Added GBP 'CPI m/m' and 'BoE Interest Rate Decision' to the 'extreme' impact custom events filter (Current only USD 'ADP', 'NFP' , 'FOMC' and 'CPI m/m')
* News protection: Removed confusing error message via the journal when no upcoming news events was detected by the system
* News protection: The user can now set up to 12 hours to pause before extreme impact news and also pause for up to 12 hours after the release
Versão 1.15 2023.12.18
- General - Added optional settings to allow or not allow 'hedging' of positions via Kill zones and/or Sniper mode trades (This may happen due to enabling 'inverted fvg's' via the Kill zone or the different trading strategies of the sniper mode executing trades as a signal is identified and it could happen that opposing postions will run at the same time)
- General - Changed the risk % per trade to use account 'equity' instead of 'balance'
- Kill zones - Added liquidity level priority for take profit 1 and take profit 2 of the Fixed trade management algorithm ex. 'closest' level at TP1 and/or the 'furthest' level at TP2
- Sniper mode - Improved sniper mode A.I algorithm (Added A.I trade manage modes, normal and aggressive)
- Sniper mode - New sniper mode strategies include breakouts as well as liquidity trading (Removed FVG sniper strategy due to the main strategy which is based on FVG's and we do not want to over expose the EA to one particular strategy)
- Sniper mode - New option to close all open sniper trades before the very volatile NYSE open
- News protection - Added the option(s) to only initiate the news protection system on 'extreme' impact USD news events which include 'NFP', 'CPI', 'Interest rates' and 'FOMC press conference'
- Equity protection - Due to the fact that the EA trades a portfolio of strategies over and above the main kill zone strategy, we needed to implement a portfolio risk algorithm that will secure positions when the portfolio is over exposed
Versão 1.14 2023.11.16
* - Implemented 'auto correction' routine for differently quoted prices amongst brokers on the Indices. The pip step will now be consistent across all types of instruments and no adjustments is needed to the set files.
* - Added checks to make sure that algorithmic trading is enabled on both terminal as well as EA level when applying the EA to the chart to start trading live (This should avoid confusion when EA does not execute trades)
* - Added user friendly messages regarding invalid inputs as well as warnings about features like equity protection that might close open positions on certain conditions when the EA was removed from the live chart
* - Added in combination with Magic number the symbol or instrument as well to more accurately identify the trades that needs to be managed (This will prevent duplicate magic numbers across instruments to affect trade management)
* - News protection to disable the EA for a specified time or simply just leave it to trade. You also have the option to close open trades before specific impact news events gets released or leave it running.
* - News protection: We have also included options to back test specific news events that happened in the past, and for the user to evaluate the impact the news protection feature would have had if it took the actions as defined by the user
* - New feature which identifies various liquidity levels and make very decisive decisions around those levels
* - New candlestick pattern recognition system which identifies various patterns which is being used by the internal algorithm
* - Visual representation of candlestick patterns, liquidity sweep confirmations, liquidity levels, recent swing high/low, previous session high/low and previous day high/low etc.
* - New TP option at "liquidity and also to secure partials at "liquidity' Note: If the selected liquidity level is closer than the minimum setting, then the system will use the minimum amount in pips as TP
* - New SL options at "liquidity' Note: If the selected liquidity SL is closer than the minimum liquidity SL then the SL with use the minimum liquidity SL
* - New partial profit option at "liquidity" via 'Fixed' trade management
* - New optional take profit level (TP2) via 'Fixed' trade management as well as new A.I profit management
* - New adaptive trailing stop. Enabling the adaptive TSL will keep adjusting the stop loss ONLY when in profit when price comes close within the buffer, this will prevent the stop loss from being taken out in profit and will eventually close out at breakeven if price comes within the buffer above the open price
* - New adaptive stop loss buffer which will adjust the stop loss when NOT in profit by the buffer, ONLY once! (An attempt to prevent stop hunts or liquidity grabs due to new "liquidity" stop loss option which will be at a key price level)
* - New 'liquidity' sweeps and market structure shift checks. This will override the HT bias if so enabled and the 'real time' bias is now displayed on the info panel
* - Various new system setting options to optimize the EA's performance for example the option to delete all chart objects daily at a specific time to free up computer resources
* - The ability for the EA to identify and confirm 'inverted' fvg's and allow the user to configure the EA to allow the trading of these setups or disable it
* - New configurable 'market execution' orders when a liquidity sweep was confirmed and price is rallying away from the initial order entry, enabling the EA to trade setups that would previously have been missed
* - New multiple 'Kill zone" sessions during a trading day allowing the user to configure for example a London session, a New York 'Open' and a New York 'afternoon' or 'power hour' session
* - New 'Sniper' A.I trading mode boosting a portfolio of 3 x different trading strategies which is a combination of liquidity and FVG's, candlestick patterns and price action to make decisive and frequent trading decisions with build in A.I trade and profit management
Versão 1.13 2023.09.25
* Added a "market execution" trade when pending order price is within current spread
* Added input variable "inpIsDebugMode" via system settings to enable logging of possible error transactions and daily drawdown breaches to the
journal (Leave this "true" especially when backtesting to identify any possible error situations)
* Fixed issues regarding trading volumes on certain brokers when % lot/risk is selected as volume calculation
Versão 1.12 2023.09.19
* Fixed issue (invalid volume) when placing orders only on certain brokers. Trade setup entry: Lot/Risk calculation = % balance
* Added "None" to Trade Management type as some instruments perform well without, and this is easier for the user instead of disabling settings individually. Note that DD will slightly increase without any trade management, we advise to test for funded accounts!
Versão 1.11 2023.09.14
Initial release version, no updates!