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Signal MACD

The Signal MACD product is an indicator that works with the standard MACD indicator. This indicator is designed to do signal trading using the objective MACD indicator and a set of algorithms.

This indicator can be used both as an oscillator and as a signal producing product. So you can use this indicator in two goal. When the indicator finds a signal, it shows arrow marks on the oscillator. These arrows allow investors to trade.

Trade Rules

  • "Buy" action when you see a green arrow and receive a warning.
  • "Sell" action when you see a red arrow and receive a warning.
  • Wait for an opposite signal to quit trading. Or turn off the operation according to your own strategy.
  • With the Alerts feature, you get the signals instantly.
  • Time frame: M30, H1, H4.
  • You can use it with other time frames suitable for your strategy.


  • SM1 - MACD Settings
  • FastMAPeriod - fast moving average period setting
  • SlowMAPeriod - slow moving average period setting
  • SignalMAPeriod - signal moving average period setting
  • SM2 - Alert Settings
  • Alerts - Alert on / off setting
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