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I Return Signal

The I Return Signal indicator is a product designed for signal trading. This indicator works by using a number of factors such as a set of indicators, recent history data, bar combinations, price movements, custom filtering system and various algorithms.

It uses all of these factors at the same time and generates turn signals. The signals are generated by calculating from the highest possible points of the signal.

This indicator is easy to use and understandable. Thanks to the warning features, users can get signals without losing time. The indicator does not repaint.

Features and Suggestions

  • The stop loss level for the buy signal is the lowest of the last 3 bars.
  • The stop loss level for the sell signal is the highest of the last 3 bars.
  • If the stop loss levels are too small, you can adjust it as you like.
  • With alert features, you can use email, mobile application, voice alert and normal alert features.
  • You can change the colors of the signals with the color settings.
  • Suggested timeframes: M15, M30 and H1.
  • Suggested pairs: any.


  • Signal_factor - signal calculation and sensitivity adjustment. Give a number from 1 to 5 here.
  • Candle_factor - back bar calculation setting. Give a value between 3 and 10 here.
  • AlertsOn - alerts on/off setting. If this feature is active, it is ready to work on other warnings.
  • Alerts message - alerts message on/off setting.
  • AlertsSound - audible alarm on/off setting.
  • AlertsEmail - email alerts on/off setting.
  • AlertsNotification - toggle mobile application alert on/off.
  • Buy_color - buy signal color setting.
  • Sell_color - sell signal color setting.
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