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Advanced Awesome

Advanced awesome indicator is a modified and advanced version of the standard awesome oscillator. With this indicator you can now make adjustments that you can not do on the awesome indicator.

You can change and edit this indicator to suit your strategy. You can easily use it to recognize large and small trends.


  • The period can be set to define larger and smaller trends with the fast and period slow feature.
  • You can change the input mode with the price mode.
  • You can use Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linear Weighted properties with the MA method property.
  • You can change the bar thickness with the line weight feature.
  • You can give different colors to down and up trends with color changing features.


  • Period_fast - the fast period.
  • Period_slow - the slow period.
  • MA_method - moving average method.
  • Applied_price - price mode.
  • Line_weight - change weight.
  • Color_up_strong - strong up trend color.
  • Color_up_weak - weak up trend color.
  • Color_down_strong - strong down trend color.
  • Color_down_weak - weak down trend color.
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