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Dashboard Super Candle

Dashboard Super Candle is an intuitive, and handy graphic tool to help you to:

  • Have 28 pairs under control with one dashboard.
  • Monitor candle direction, identify possible price movement and trend.
  • Provide trading signals based on the candle direction selected by you.
  • Automatically manage order once signal are generated.
  • Have the ability to select which pair you want to trade among these 28 pairs by just one click.
  • Monitor your positions easily with one glance to know status of all trading pairs.


  • Provide an intuitive way to generate trading signal, to manage trades, and to monitor trading positions.
  • Customizable trading session: total 3 sessions can be set for autotrade.
  • Customizable trading mode: Reverse Mode or Non-Reverse Mode.
  • Option for autotrade
  • Selection of pairs (symbols) to trade: you can choose which pair(s) to trade.
  • Customizable dashboard position
  • Very easy and handy to use.

Entry Signal

Refer to screenshot2

Make sure completing the following action items to make this dashboard working.

Important Action Items before Using Dashboard

  1. Download historical data of all 28 pairs. Use this free tool to download historical data by simple one-drag, link.
  2. Make sure you have all 28 symbols in Symbol window.
  3. To make your dashboard looks clear and neat, it’s better to apply the black template. Please refer to screenshot5.

Input Parameters

  • Use Reverse Mode: Check explanation in Entry Signal section
  • Use AutoTrade:
    • Yes: buy/sell orders will be sent once signal is generated
    • No: no order will be sent even signal is generated
  • Single pair TP in pips: the take profit in pips for single pair.
  • Single pair SL in pips: the stop loss in pips for single pair
  • Candle selection for signal providing
    • Use M1/M5/M15/M30/H1/H4/D1/W1/MN Candle
  • Magic Number
  • Lot Size:
  • Basket TP in $:(see explanation in Note1)
  • Basket SL in $
  • Max Spread: once spread exceeds max spread, no order will be sent.
  • Trading Session: if time is out of session, no order will be sent
    • Close all trades after session(s)
      • Yes: all active (open) position(s) will be closed when session closed
      • No: no active (open) position(s) will be closed when session closed
    • Note that: starting and ending time is your computer/local time, not server time
    • Use Session1
      • Session1 Start Time
      • Session1 End Time
      • Session1comment: comment of each order
    • Use Session2
      • Session2 Start Time
      • Session2 End Time
      • Session2comment
    • Use Session3
      • Session3 Start Time
      • Session3 End Time
      • Session3comment
    • Non-stop session is active if Use Session 1, 2, and 3 are all selected as false.
  • TimeFrame of new chart
  • Suffix: suffix string of your symbol. i.e.: your symbol is ‘EURUSDx’ instead of ‘EURUSD’, input ‘x’ in suffix cell, leave prefix cell blank
  • Prefix: prefix string of your symbol
  • X_axis: dashboard x position
  • Y_axis: dashboard y position

Dashboard Objects

For objects 1-5, please refer to screenshot6.

Objects 6-12: screenshot7.

Objects 13-22: screenshot8.

Objects 23-26: screenshot9.

  1. Pair Tick Button: Click once to active the corresponding pair for trading. Click once more to de-active.
  2. Pair Symbol Button:
    • Click on button to open a corresponding new window chart
  3. Spread column: show current spread of each pair.
  4. Candle Tick Panel: indicates which candle is selected to generate signal
  5. Candle Direction Panel
  6. Buy Button: (refer to note2)
  7. Sell Button
  8. Close Button: close all positions of corresponding pair
  9. Buy Volume Column
  10. Sell Volume Column
  11. Symbol:
  12. Profit Column
  13. Profit Baskets: calculate the number of baskets hitting TP
  14. Basket TP: Basket take profit
  15. Basket Highest: the maximum profit that current basket ever reach
  16. Loss Baskets: calculate the number of baskets hitting SL
  17. Basket SL: Basket stop loss
  18. Basket Lowest: the maximum loss that current basket ever reach
  19. Current Basket Profit: Current basket profit
  20. Close All: close all positions
  21. Close Profit: close all positions in profit
  22. Close Loss: close all positions in loss
  23. Session Monitor Panel:
  24. Reverse Mode Monitor Panel:
  25. Pair/Currency Selection Button:
    • All: select all 28 pairs
    • None: clear all selected pairs
    • EUR: select all EUR pairs, like EURUSD, EURJPY…
    • Same rules applies to USD, GBP, JPY... buttons
  26. AutoTrade Monitor Panel:


Refer to screenshot4

If you have any customized request and/or suggestion, please feedback to me.
Michael Kirchmann
Michael Kirchmann 2017.07.21 13:30 

Nicht jeden Tag zu gebrauchen.

Schlecht, wenn wie am 3.7.2017, neuer Tag, erste Tag der Woche, erster Tag im Monat ist!

fahmi20 2016.06.28 14:01 

I have a suggestion

Selection mode direction each time period


bullish minute (Down - bullish)

Five minutes bullish (bearish - bullish)

Fifteen minutes bullish (bearish - bullish)

Thirty minutes bullish (bearish - bullish)

One hour bearish (Down - bullish)

Four hours bearish (Down - bullish)

Day one bearish (Down - bullish)

One week bearish (Down - bullish)

One month bearish (Down - bullish)

Here it is opened the sale of strong levels

Options should be available in the settings

Versión 1.2 2016.08.05
In version v1.2, the color of for bullish/bearish candle is configurable.
Versión 1.1 2016.06.17
Two functions are added in version 1.1.

1. Alert function: alert will be sent upon signal.
2. Notification function: notification will be sent upon signal.

Once alert/notification of a particular pair has been sent, the next alert/notification of that pair will be sent after 5 minutes upon signal. The alert and notification are implemented in this way to make sure you receive them once during a certain period instead of numerous alerts/notification coming to you continuously.