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The indicator is based on Moving Average to define the trend, then it finds a good entry point and follows the trend.

We will keep open on a new signal until the trend is changed, and all trades exit on an opposite signal.

The exit point is a bit late relative to the highest profitable point (at top/bottom), but it is the best point to exit your trades.

Keep the trades, which are moving the right direction to get a high profit, and stop wrong trades as soon as possible when the trend is changed to limit your loss.

We can enter many trades per trend becaue the most of time it is on a win side, so that we have more margin to open the next trade.

The indicator works very well on H4 or D1 timeframe for the most of pairs on your major list (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, GOLD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDJPY) and the signal is sent at the candle opening. It never repaints!

If you want to get a big earn, set up your big plan first!


  • Risk=5 - how much risk you will take; more risk, more opportunities
  • Signal_Period=20 - period to find the main trend
  • Alert_Settings = "+++++++++++++++++++++++";
  • SendMailMode = true - send a signal to your email
  • SendNotificationMode = true - push notification to your phone
  • AlertMode = true - sound alert
  • Show_Virtual_Trades = true Show_Virtual_Trades on chart, easy to know when/where we place a trade
  • Reverse = false ---->Reverse signal Buy --> Sell; Sell --> Buy
  • Single_Order = false - ---->Single_Order, only one trade per trend
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