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30 - 200 USD
hi guys, I have been renting a EA. all I want is to turn it on and turn it off everyday on a specific time to running on a VPS server. called FXVPS server. I am running Pepperstone mt4 on this window. Also, if that work well. I got 2 more clients line up. I need it ASAP Regards
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Experts Other Today
30 USD
Hello, I am looking to hire someone to make daily (Monday - Friday) blog posts that reviews the market movement for the day, analyzing any big market news events, etc. I am looking for about 400-500 words per post and a couple charts if appropriate. Here is an example - https://www.itpm.com/wraps_post/closing-wrap-friday-september-13-2019/ (except our posts will focus more on forex). This will be an ongoing project
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Other Text writing Yesterday
1000+ USD
.1 we need to develop plugin for our mt5 in which we confirm client trade within delay second with worst price delay second = like 2 or 3 second as we can set worst price = if client buy then as we set delay second in this second come price in that price high price. or if sell then its means low price 2 if client dont have any open position then client not able to put any limit or stop lose if he have 10 buy open
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Other 2019.09.13
100+ USD
i have created another order, but seems nobody is able to do what i think is a must have for any retail trader. i need a tool that blocks mt4 from working (i.e. processing manual orders) once certain loss tresholds get traspassed. any idea is welcome. it could also be achieved via 2 accounts, a master and a slave, preventing the slave to copy once master loses too much. it can be done also by taking advantage of
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Other 2019.09.11
40 - 60 USD
I need a tool that blocks MT4 for a time that can be set once risk paramenters are reached: 1. % of the balance lost 2. and/or x number or losses in x amount of time i need it to have a PASSWORD that can be set in order to adjust these parameters and make MT4 run again after the blockage. Moreover the amount of time the blockage has to last has to be adjustable
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Experts Other 2019.09.09
3000+ USD
We are looking C++ developer for temporary job in Kiev to develop integration modules. https://jobs.dou.ua/companies/newage-solutions-corp/vacancies/96991/ Requirements: • Strong C++ development experience • Experience with MT4/5 • Experience in network programming(TCP, HTTP, REST) • Experience in multithreading programming(QThread/std::thread/native) • Experience in debugging(memory leaks, race conditions, etc) •
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Other 2019.09.05
100+ USD
Gostaria de saber se existe algum profissional para fazer o trabalho de converter o meu indicador para a plataforma profitchart (https://www.nelogica.com.br/) ou qualquer uma plataforma de programa como o tryd no brasil
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Other Converting 2019.09.04
300+ USD
Looking for a programmer who has experience with Transact software. Specifically E mini futures. Programming language is in Java and Dot net C sharp. Looking to create a program that compares real time bid and ask data and reduces it down to a simple image
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Other Design Futures C# Java Product Design 2019.09.03
30+ USD
1. Its for manual trade purpose money management 2. The utility should be able to partial close an order with 3 specific tp levels ( entered by user) 3. Each time after the order reached a specific TP level, it will modify the SL order to a specific level entered by user ( entry price or last TP level +- certain pips) 4. The utility should identify and control orders by Order numbers or currency pairs ( by typing in
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Other 2019.09.03
30 - 500 USD
i need an interface like iq option (it's a broquer:https://iqoption.com ) for trading in mt5 with all these functionalie and adjustments i need this interface like iq option for trading in mt5 for ease my trade on metatrader 5 and i need to test it before buyingthank you all my email : abdlwhdfrigoriste@gmail.com
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Experts Other 2019.09.01
30 - 250 USD
Dear Programmers, This one is for a programmer willing to write C code and R or Python, the main programming language is c-lite which you can find it's syntax at : https://zorro-project.com/manual/ The Expert should prove itself on live market on 5 minutes chart, with no less then 1:2 Risk Ratio. The Higher the Ratio the more the reward to the programmer. Example Expert is available on the platform (Deep Learning)
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Experts Other C++ R 2019.08.30
50 - 200 USD
Hi, I'm looking for a solution to publish MT4 and MT5 trades information (open, pending and closed) to a website (via MySQL database). Trade information published should follow the possibilities offered by MyFxBook.com for instance, including magic number. The solution should be able to differentiate different users of the website (i.e. through an authentication method like user name and password) - this means that
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Other 2019.08.30
30 - 150 USD
I have some indicators to decode. I mean, I have the original ex5 files but not the mql5 files and I need to apply some change now. Unfortunately I cant do by myself
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Other Consultation 2019.08.27
30 - 100 USD
I need a web based trading robot which takes trades based on my indicator on MT4 Charts. The purpose is I cannot sit in front of terminal. Trading will be on NSE Futures. (As of now only one Scrip). I do not have to do anything and I can see only positions in cellphone
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Other 2019.08.24
30 - 100 USD
The goal is that the strategy tester in MT5 runs an X amount of times for a certain EA. It should run for a number of pairs (no maximum) and a fixed period having a start and end date and a custom forward date. It should start at a certain year month, day and after running all the pairs it has to go one year forward for a specific amount of times, e.g. 10 times. Example: Pairs: EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD Period 1: Start
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Other SQL 2019.08.23
30 - 80 USD
I need a copier that allow me to fast copy from MT4 trade signal to Ctrader, and Ctrader to Ctrader. A basic panel for these features in EA: 1.Able to choose role for either Master or Slave 2.Direct copy 3.Reverse copy 4.Add or disable Magic number 5.Any Comment on Master will appear in Slave 6.Lot multiplier 7.Fixed lot 8.Max slippage 9.Disallow pair to trade 10.Master allow to close on ALL Trade or Close on Buy
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Experts Other C# 2019.08.19