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Alle Forex Debugging eines Roboters/Indikators Optimierung von Strategien Statistik und Mathematik C++ Module von Strategien
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App layout implementation (persönlicher Auftrag)
50+ USD
- implement layouts for app, finalize whole app with setting it up on server and  check that connection to klicktipp and everything works perfectly - email address opt in needs to be changed the text, we will discuss this in skype so that you know exactly where I mean - finish old projects rebuild
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Sonstiges C++ 2017.12.03
30 - 50 USD
Hey it is all about the HGI Indicator V.17. Is it possible to delete the expiry date of this indicator by programming it differently? I don´t want any limitation of this indicator. I know that programmers use programs to make the code hard to change by putting thousands of words in there which make no sense to hide the actual code. But I don´t have the actual source code of it. Can someone do this ? If the price...
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Indikatoren Sonstiges 2017.11.26