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Hello, I would like a script that enables me to set pending order (up to 30) in which I can easily determine size and gap between the orders. If possibile, I would like to make the list of orders with excel, then upload it to the script on mt5 which will just have to convert my orders written on Excel to pending orders. If it is not possible to do it with excel, then another way to just load a grid of orders without
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Scripts Other Panels and dialog boxes Forex Stocks 2019.11.27
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I need formula to create syntethic candles in mt5 . The result should be identical to liteforex currency index candles.You can view all currency indexes in liteforex by downloading liteforex . I already have my own formula that I got from https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?p=11555039 but I am not satisfied because the candles doesnt look identical from liteforex candles. No programming is needed at all. You
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