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Things that are bound to happen in the market

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Hi guys,

 i just want to ask, i need help with some ideas about things that occur in the market. i know a programmer that can make  an indicator but i need ideas of things that are bound to happen and when they happen, its a sure win. I will really appreciate if you guys can assist me.

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  

When your right, thats a sure win.

I have found that there is a very specific pattern among losing traders.

You could almost say, that i can spot, when they are bound to be a sure loss.

Because, those people, traders, that are always busy with 'winning' and busy with 'profits' and etc.

Those are the ones that lose.

You might be better off trying to control your losses....

Because that is what winners do and it all you can ever do.

Remember that nobody can predict the future,

i am not saying that the odds are 50-50,

The odds are not 50-50, but nobody can predict the future.

Just remember that.

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