Added topic Bug report: Wrong TimeTradeServer() in indicators.
Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies Possible bug in TimeTradeServer amrali , 2024.04.05 02:10 I am sorry for my previous responses. I re-checked and it seems to be a bug that affects TimeTraderServer() only
Published code iForexSessions
Highlights the Forex Market Sessions (Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York).
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Published code Determine Broker's Daylight (DST) schedule
Script to determine whether your Broker follows the US, UK or AU daylight (DST) schedule.
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Published code Local Timezones and Local Session Hours
Class to access to the local time for the specified location, as well as time zone information and the local trading session hours.
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Published code TimeGMT library for the strategy tester
Static class to fix the TimeGMT() function during testing in the strategy tester.
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Added topic Bug: 'typename' keyword gives compile errors if used for identifiers inside namespaces
We faced a problem with 'typename' keyword gives compile errors if used for identifiers defined inside namespaces. See this example, it does not even compile namespace myspace   {    int x = 1 ;   } void OnStart ( void )
Published code Benchmark
A set of macros to benchmark small code snippets for their execution speeds.
Added topic array out of range in 'Introsort.mqh' (225,23)
When including the header  <Generic\ArrayList.mqh> I have encountered an array out of range in 'Introsort.mqh' I had to replicate that error using this script: #include <Generic\ArrayList.mqh> int test_array[]; void OnStart ()
Added topic Bug in MetaEditor Build 3566: Wrong display of double floating point numbers in the debugger window
I am attaching a screenshot of the error. Open test.mq5 in MetaEditor. Put a breakpoint on line #6, then run the debugger. The string() function bug was fixed before in build 3210. Wrong display of double floating point numbers in Dialog boxes and
Added topic Serious bug in the OrderCalcProfit() function
According to the documentation of  OrderCalcProfit ,  "The function calculates the profit for the current account, in the current market conditions, based on the parameters passed. The function is used for pre-evaluation of the result of a
Published code xoshiro256 Random Number Generator
The 64-bit xoshiro256** Random Number Generator.
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I found this bug when using EnumToString() to display the swap calculation mode of a symbol. #define PRINT(A) Print ( #A + " = \"" + (A) + "\"" ) void OnStart () {      Print ( "Build: " , TerminalInfoInteger ( TERMINAL_BUILD ));
Published code Introsort (Introspective sort)
Sort the input array in-place using comparison function less.
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Published code Radix sort (The fastest numeric sort)
Sorts the values in the first dimension of a multidimensional numeric array in the ascending order.
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Added topic Bug in string() function. Wrong conversion of float -> string
Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies MT5/mql5 reported and confirmed bugs. amrali , 2022.02.17 15:33 Bug in string() function. Wrong conversion of float -> string. Build 3211 but this is not specific to this
Added topic How to get commission per lot in MQL5
Is there a programagic way (like SymbolInfoDouble, or AccountInfoDouble) to get the broker's commission per lot.  From the market watch window, I can get it by right click on a symbol -> symbol specs.  Anybody has an idea how the market
Published code String Manipulation Functions
A collection of useful string manipulation functions.
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Published code MultiSort - sorting algorithm
A sorter class to sort an array based on other arrays.
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Published code Print Closed Position
Print info about a closed position by its position ticket or identifier.
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Added topic Bug: function MathSample() does not generate correct results
The function MathSample() (defined in <Math\Stat\Math.mqh>) does not generate correct random samples. This a fix for the include file <Math\Stat\Math.mqh>: bool MathSample( const int &array[], const int count, int &result[])