MT5 keeps on crashing.


Hi everyone, every time I launch MT5 it opens with the strategy tester and terminal tabs fully open. I can do all the things but when I close or rearrange terminal or stratgy tester tabs the platform crash. Here's a demo:

As you can see the application crash when I try to move one of these two tabs... Someone know how to fix? Thank's.
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MT5 can be crashed for the many reasons:

  • you are using old Windows version (Windows 10 64-bit is preferrable); or
  • you are using some extarnal VPS,
  • your Windows (Windows 10 64-bit) is havoing some bug;
  • you downloaded MT5 from the broker's website (MT5 should be downloaded from this mql5 portal);
  • and more and more.


All you can do is try to analyze the situation (because you only know all technical details) to understand the reason for that.